Thursday, August 5, 2010


Basil Marceaux... Republican candidate for governor of Tennessee: He's made entirely of win.

If he wins, I want to move to Tennessee because if politics is going to be insane, you might as well go full in.

And seriously though: This guy is so accidentally and awfully awesome... His stiff gait and Rain-Man wobbly station and stiff mannerisms can't be a put-on. His eagerness and earnestness mixed with mumbling solecisms, elisions, and twang... Totally original. His campy video editing ("vegitation"?) is so close to exactly what you expect that you almost can't help but think that that it's genuine. Politics meets performance art.


Anonymous said...

Why not?? it happens in the Philippines all the time, so why move?

Jungle Jil said...

Nah. Politics aren't crazy here, just petty, sinful, and irresponsible on average... and evil and dangerous at their worst.