Monday, August 9, 2010

Daily Report: Weekend Wrapup

Saturday was my birthday. Yes... I told everyone I was 28. That's a perfunctory claim based not on some discomfort with my age, but because at my age it seems traditional to do so. (Besides, if you are going to choose your age, why go with Benny's traditional "39"?) I didn't really celebrate my birthday... no party or anything. I'm getting to the point now where it is only worth celebrating the quinary birthdays.

Besides, I've got a much better thing to celebrate, I've decided: On September 1, 2010, my 15,000th day on earth is coming up. I think I'll do something for that instead. I'll have a cake with 15,000 candles on it.

So I worked on Saturday, but joined Warren and his family at Kahulogan Pool Resort during my lunch break. (Epril had gone out to visit an orphanage for the day.) In the evening, Ednel cooked a nice supper and Epril brought home a delicious tiramisu-chocolate birthday cake.

On Sunday, Epril, Ednel, and I went in to CDO and visited Daddy Aldrin's new cantina for lunch. Then we did a bit of grocery shopping. I bought all kinds of juices and things to drink as part of my aforementioned attempt to drink less alcohol.

Today... Monday, I had a fantastic day of work and then for dinner, Epril and I were invited over to Andy and Cynthia's house for dinner in Tagoloan.

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paolo said...

hi, i have always enjoyed reading your blog.

keep it up!