Monday, August 16, 2010

Daily Report: Futures

My company sent yet another one of my accounts to India. This time, though, there were no additional accounts for me to fall back on with my current work team. I am being sent to a new team... but part time work only. I was bummed at first, but now I have a feeling that the "part time" really doesn't matter as much to me as it would to other people.

First, the schedule is for 25 hours per week, but I'm sure I could work 30 or more and nobody would complain. Second, other than vacation time, I have no benefits to be affected by moving to part time status.

Still though, I can't help but think of this as one step towards the door.

That leaves me thinking about what to do now since my job no longer seems assured by any means. I couldn't raise the capital to do the chicken business I wanted to do here; Warren lost interest in doing it with me. Same with opening a medical transcription school or buying some taxis: No financing, no capital, no savings.

I could return to America to look for work, but...

(a) I haven't lived there in 10 years, have no place to stay (other than with my mother... 10 miles from anywhere), no car, not even any proper clothes;

(b) I wouldn't try getting back into medical transcription again, so whatever job I do will be entry level, assuming I can find a job at all, which is hardly certain these days;

(c) Epril wouldn't be able to come with me, and I'm really quite sure that I couldn't handle being apart from her for months... or even a year... at a time. That's the worst part of it by far.

Basically, that whole situation sucks so bad, and the possibility depresses me so much, that I'd rather just not think about it and pray that everything just works out alright.


Issarat said...

Best of luck to you; can I offer some advice?
Stay there; do what you can to get by on a sustainable lifestyle.
IF Epril cannot come to the usa with you; why come?
The job market is terrible and that is just the start.
The only reason to go to the USA is to get a front row seat of the replay of "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire".

CDO Kayaker said...

Hi Jil,

Sorry to bother you.

We (CDO kayak club) wants to do our 1st descent paddling the whitewater rapids of Jassan river early next year. A 6-9km upstream would be a good start.

Unfortunately, we are not so sure about the access road. Google earth doesn't show much info as well.

Are you familiar with the access road there?

CDO Kayaker

Jungle Jil said...


The only river big enough that I can think of (out of 3 in Jasaan) is the one that passes Jasaan on the North side.

The barangay of San Nicholas is the farthest upriver I have ever been (about 2 km east of downtown Jasaan), and I don't know of any roads that go beyond that.

Jungle Jil said...


If I were to return to the U.S., it would be probably to go back to school. I've been spending the morning after writing this post thinking about it: I could go back to live at my mother's house and study at the local community college to become a registered nurse, which would take 2 years.

Then, with my RN, I could move to Rochester and work at a hospital and study at Rochester Institute of Technology to become a Physician's Assistant, which would take another 2 years. Salaries for PAs are from $70K to $90K per year.

I would be 46 by the time I finished my studies, but that would still give me 20 years before retirement. It would mean the end of my days living in Asia for now... but at least Epril and I (she'll make it to the U.S. eventually) will be able to visit regularly until I can retire there.

It would be the lonliest 2 years of my life... waiting for Epril to get her green card, but it is probably the best plan I can come up with, should worse become worst.

Roger said...

Why couldn't Epril come with you?

Jungle Jil said...

It's relatively easy for Epril to get a tourist visa to come to America, but could only stay for a short period.

It isn't too hard for a foreinger to get a fiancee visa to come to America, but Epril and I are already married and that complicates things. If Epril wants to come to America, it is about a 1-2 year process of getting a green card.

At least that's how I remember it.

Roger said...

Not in my understanding. I believe your best bet is to get an immigrant visa before you leave, it's called a Direct Consular Filing (DCF).

A good resource:

It's a bit better after you've been married for 2 years, I believe.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to here the job getting more outsourced! I am in healthcare and just to give you a heads up currently even healthcare is feeling the bad economy despite all the rosey stories you read about it being recession proof. If your serious about nursing or PA dont wait till last minute because its not easy getting into those schools even community colleges are very competitive now with the bad economy. Also if you have a bachelors degree already just do pre-reqs and go directly to PA school. If not then consider Nurse practitioner graduate school instead in my opinion or the most lucrative job in Nursing CRNA. In the long run probably by the time you get accepted to a school and graduate which is a very long process and find employment the economy will start rebounding atleast for healthcare in my opinion. Geriatrics is a booming bussiness and will keep getting better as many more retire. I hope all works out for you. Maybe the wifey can find employment and help out also.
But it will take awhile for a green card for sure. Either way I enjoy your blog and hope it continues no matter the location lol. I personally will say it again you are a very good writer and should not rule out employment in some form doin it if you enjoy it. I think it is your calling!

Good luck from Jakal

Jungle Jil said...

Thanks Roger. I'll have a look. But I haven't packed my bags yet. I may be here for another 20 years.

kris said...

I am sorry to hear about your job situation, Jil. I have read your blog since your days in the mansion in Thailand and it's sad to see your work conditions deteriorate.

As for moving back to the US, I would advise you, from my own personal experience, don't do it. I lived in Hong Kong for a number of years and then moved back to Europe with my Chinese wife and the first few years were extremely rough.

I did have a lot of support from my family, an OK-place to stay and an old car and I did get a "proper" IT-job fairly quickly, but it was still rough. After living in Asia all these years, it was extremely difficult for us to adjust to the weather, food, mentality,... basically everything.

We've been back here in Europe for about 10 years now and even though financially we're doing much better here than we would have in Hong Kong and social security and healthcare here still are pretty good, there are still moments I wish we hadn't left Hong Kong.

Difficult choice. If you do decide to go back to the US, think long and hard about what you are giving up in Asia. There are so many things there you take for granted because that's just the way your life is now. When I came back to my "own" country, I felt like a stranger there. It took at least 5 years before I really felt I belonged here again.

Also, don't underestimate the impact the move to the US will have on Epril. Even if eventually you can offer her a good life with the PA salary, it won't be easy for her being away from her own country. I cannot stress this enough. Do not underestimate this aspect of you possibly moving back to the US (I made this mistake and it made things rather more difficult at times than they should have been).

I wish you luck and a wise choice.

Jim Cunningham said...

Hi Jil - Sorry to hear of your situation.When I started my last job in the UK which I remained for 171/2 years I was already 45.So there is hope for you yet.I also took my MA at 56 which took me 2 years to complete with part time study, again it's never too late.
Whatever you choose to do I trust it turns out well for you both.

Anonymous said...

This may not have any merit, but is a gift delivery service a business opportunity that could grow.

Stock held by the local department store. Payment in advance. You will need a website and paypal account. Father in law to do the deliveries?

The reason I mention it was that I was looking for a local service to deliver to Valencia as I don't trust the national companies to deliver outside of Luzon. I could not find one and in the end just sent money.

Look at Danni's Gifts, a small local operation in Cebu. You can see from their prices what kind of a mark-up they charge and decide if something similar around CDO would work.

This business could sit in the background, if it works great if it doen't it could be closed down without problem.

Whatever the future holds I wish you luck and thank you for an entertaining blog.
P.S. if you think the idea has merit you might not want to approve this comment!!!

Jim Cunningham said...

Hi again Jil- An American who was living in Davao recently returned to the US due to similar circumstances as you have mentioned his name is Bruce his wife is Elena hes also is now processing her visa to get her to the US they also are married.

Michael said...

Hi Jil
I work in Norway but I try to get to Thailand as much as possible.
I have been reading your stuff since your Pattaya days.I hope you get to keep on living the dream.

Mom said...

Jil - things seem to work out for you always somehow. Don't give up. From all the comments I read here, you have a lot of friends rooting for you.
And remember, for any decisions you make - you'll never be this young again. Don't hesitate because of your age. LOL

Don B said...

hey jil, let me get my head above water, and i might have a little project we can try. it would be perfect for someone with your language, typing, and research skills. i will prep a sample for you and we'll see what you can do. the money would be just so so upfront, but offer residuals that could beat anything else. american type money, not phils money. if it works, it's a never ending project. gimme a few days.