Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Daily Report: Smooth, Straight, Stale Sailing

Back to life. Epril's back from her trip to Leyte. I have a definite phobia of ferries here in The Philippines. I'll save myself the effort of linking to 200 news articles about overcrowded ferries sinking in rough seas, if you don't mind... but you know what I'm talking about. So when Epril sent me a text message (15 minutes after leaving port on the overnight ferry going back to Mindanao) saying, "Big st0rm!scary.." I wasn't at all happy, and lost a bit of sleep over that.

But my darling wife made it back to Mindanao without swimming part of the way... so all is well.

Today, Landlord Jumz was here with workers starting repairs on the house. I think their primary goal is to replace the entire water system in the house. Well, I doubt they will go that far, but hopefully they will seriously upgrade it and fix what needs to be fixed.

I'm getting Parasat Cable installed at the house. I let the Dream Satellite run out after about 14 months of usage. Dream Satellite only had 40 channels (of which I would watch 5 channels and the rest of my family an additional 5) for 650 pisos per month on one television, while Parasat has 100 channels (of which I will watch 20 channels and the rest of my family an additional 5) for 1,350 pisos per month on two televisions. I'm keeping the Cignal though... I love my HDTV.

Two days before payday. French toast all around. I've got to get caught up on my bills now: I'm still working to catch up after my 2-week hiatus with my computer down. Work took a dip this past week with Epril not being here. I've got Ednel's school to pay for, I borrowed some money, the electricity bill is due, the bulb on the television needs to be replaced, and Landlord Jumz got a letter from the phone company claiming that I owe 12,000 pisos for a phone that I've never used.

Epril's cousin stopped by the house. He asked for a donation to buy some things before going off to seminary. (Epril vets all the people who stop by with such requests, so only the "real" ones get through.) I gave him 2,000 pisos for that. Kid sister Kristel (I had been spelling it Crystal) asked for 500 pisos to buy her drum majorette uniform. I "loaned" 2000 pisos out to the bikini open organizers that I'm probably never going to see again also.

To be honest though, I'm much happier spending money on things like a cousin's trip to seminary, or a drum majorette uniform, or a beauty pageant, or something else that helps someone out, than I am on things like fancy dinners or new clothes.

(Don't let my neighbors find out I said that.)

Anyway, it was a quiet evening in front of the television. Than read a bit of my book. Then off to sleep.

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Anonymous said...

try the super cat. i dont know if it is classified as a ferry, but it seemed alot safer than the other boats.