Thursday, July 1, 2010

Daily Report: Misread Signals

Landlord Jumz finished his repairs on the house, which included some new doorknobs, fixing the kitchen sink, fixing the ceiling in the office bathroom (which I didn't really care about since nobody goes in there, except me maybe once or twice a week), and doing something to the water system so that all the water flows on a single system (instead of having the top 2 floors run off the rooftop reservoir, with the ground floor running off the street supply).

Jumz also ran a water pipe directly from the rooftop reservoir, along the outside of the house along the back wall, through a hole in the wall next to the sink, along the wall of the master bathroom, through the air behind the shower curtain rod, and directly to my shower head to provide it better water pressure.

Well, (a) it certainly does provide better water flow in the shower, (b) no guests will see the "wall pipes" up in the master bathroom (though now that I've written about them, probably somebody will ask), and (c) the resale value of the house isn't my concern. I just think it's a bit jungle, if such an adjectival usage exists.

Of course, if Jumz had just replaced the clogged spigot in the master bathroom to which the shower head was attached (which I did point out to him), it would have had pretty much the same effect as the "wall pipes" with a tenth of the effort, a tenth of the price, and had no effect on the house's appearance. Oh well: I recommended if he was going to replace the pipes (in the walls), he should put in a larger diameter vertical main. That's sort of what I got, just not where I expected.

Anyway, we'll see if the water system stops bleeding off now. That was the major problem: Whatever water was put in the reservoir overnight when the pump was on would drain out by mid-afternoon. All of the other concerns that still need to be addressed are secondary.

It was a dreary day all day today. Ednel and I tried making cheese sticks out of some leftover mozzarella. Note to self: The cheese definitely has to be frozen first before putting in the fryer. Oh well.

My home security alarm system (named Tyson) went off at about 2:00 this morning, and I have to say I provided a poor response. At the first flurry of barking, I stuck my head out the window and told Tyson to be quiet. Then, when he started barking again, I did the same, thinking if there was a third time, I'd have to give him a beating. I then thought better and put on my robe and went to see if anything was actually amiss.

Tyson had cornered a cat in a crenel/cliff up on the second floor back patio. Instead of telling Tyson "good job" for raising the alarm regarding this (in his eyes valid: in my eyes not-so-serious) breach in our defenses, I told him to be quiet again. (The cat, seeing me show up and thinking that her evening had just gone from bad to worse, opted to jump the 20 feet down into the neighbors' yard below. I saw her shadowy figure stalking off in the gloom, so she survived the leap.)

Anyway, I'll have to remember now not to pooh-pooh the Tyson Alarm again, and make sure that I thank Tyson instead of admonishing him next time.

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