Sunday, July 4, 2010

Daily Report: Forth a Jil, Aye

Epril looking good. Sorry I
had to get into the picture
and spoil it.

Even the Australians got into
the Fouth of July spirit.
I was up at 5 a.m. this morning to get work done before running off to town with Epril for a Fourth of July party. After finishing work, I walked with Tyson down to the barber and got my beard trimmed. Epril hired a makeup artist to come and do her hair and makeup.

I started to explain to Epril that Fourth of July parties are about bathing suits, baseball caps, burgers, beans, and beer... but then I thought I'd rather see Epril all prinked up and looking fabulous, so I didn't explain too much or for too long.

The party was a tremendous bunch of fun. I met some really great new expatriates, including Marion, a Polish-American from North Carolina. There was also Tim from Hawaii who, when challenged to prove his Hawaiian credentials (as, for some reason I've never understood, is always required before anybody believes you are a "real" Hawaiian), pulled out a ukulele and sang songs — in Hawaiian — in a fantastic baritone. Finally, there was Dave (I think... I might have that name wrong) from England. He was one of those Brits who has spent his life traveling around the world, working in all kinds of exotic locations. He even got to hang out with Henry Rollins a couple of times when he was working as a roadie, which made him my hero for the day. Oh... also Kevin, the ex-cop from California, who is living in Claveria, which is up in the mountains behind Jasaan: A very nice guy.

Cagayan de Oro's new/old mayor, Vincente Emano, was supposed to make an appearance at the party, but apparently blew us off. That seems to be pretty much par for the course with this particular fellow when it comes to showing up. Just as well really: I don't care to meet him, and I doubt I'm alone in that sentiment. I think we are all going to miss Mayor Jaraula.

Anyway, lots of beer was consumed. Lots of burgers and cole slaw and steaks and sausages and potato salad were consumed. All in all, a great day.

Late in the evening, it was home with Driver Chris... I was asleep the moment my head hit Epril's lap in the back seat.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jil another great ELCI event which I also enjoyed very much but unlike you and Epril we stayed the night at KL so went to bed 11pm hic,hic,hic.