Monday, July 5, 2010

Cheat Or You Die

Women are the logical creatures who base every decision on carefully-considered reasoning and the rational and noetic exercise of the mind to reach sensible conclusions in all instances.

Men, of course, on the other hand are emotional, prone to being capricious and desultory in their thinking, often not considering either all the facts or all the consequences of their behaviors.

It is therefore a grand benefit to women that science can come along like this and help men determine what is right, what they should think, and how they should behave... because as every woman knows: Men have a terrible time figuring out that kind of thing on their own.
Why do middle-aged men risk so much for flings?

With the caveat that every situation is different, one factor we think deserves more attention is the role of testosterone (T) in middle-aged men’s eroticism. In their twenties, men’s T levels begin a long decline, often experienced as diminished passion and appetite for life. Suppressed T levels are associated with depression, heart attacks, dementia, and overall mortality rates from 88 to 250 percent higher. One of the few things that can reliably and immediately revive a man’s sagging testosterone is exposure to a new woman. One researcher found that even a brief chat with an attractive woman raised men’s testosterone levels by fourteen percent within minutes. In Sex at Dawn, we suggest that many men may be confusing the hormonal changes triggered by an affair with actual “love,” thus leading them to make ill-advised decisions catastrophic to their families, their marriages, and eventually themselves.

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WillyJ said...

So women should tolerate some cheating of their husbands, if they want them to live longer :-)

Science should study not only testosterone suppression. Man suppresses many things: selfishness, gluttony, laziness, anger...and that is why humankind is successful - in general.