Saturday, May 1, 2010

Daily Report: Zax Reopening

We went to CDO this evening. First stop was Warren's house where the kids were swimming in their new pool.
After that, it was out to dinner at Country Steak House. I actually had fish though. (Ednel had cooked pork steaks for lunch and I didn't want char-broiled for 2 meals in a row.)

After that it was off to Sky Bar for a few drinks before driving on to Vacation Hotel and the new location opening of Zax... an old bar replaced by Star Entertainment in their old location, now open again.

Of course, it just wouldn't be Zax without Mystika and The Sunriser Band.

The Sunriser Band is really an interesting entertainment concept: A band that plays oldies dance music, but occasionally devolves into a drag show or comedy routine. But never so much that it becomes old or tired. The only unfortunate part is that the funniest and most ribald parts are always in Visayan. Based on the laughter of the locals, it must be some funny stuff though. Epril and I actually had Mystika and the band perform at our wedding reception... and they were wonderful. (They skipped the drag show aspect for that occasion.)

Zax was packed to standing room only. Epril and I and the two couples we were with were going to leave, but we found Bennie and all his friends down in front willing to squeeze us in at their table. Then, as we were on our way to that table, some people got up and departed leaving open a table that we immediately claimed for ourselves.

Dancing and drinking (and lots of posing for photos) ensued.

Cagayan's most popular camera deliveryman arrived late from his Rotary Governor's Meeting, but was immediately seated by Zax's owner in the swanky new V.I.P. section.

Anyway, it was home at midnight, driven by driver Chris. The music at Zax was great, and the decor is much improved from the old site. Stay away from the mixed drinks though and stick to the beer: 150 pisos for a vodka tonic is a bit steep, especially when compared to the price of a beer.


Anonymous said...

who is the girl the purple top? wow stunning. of course second to the lovely epril. ;)

Jungle Jil said...

The girl in the purple top? That's the wife of the guy with the beard sitting on the other side of Mike Turner. I think she had her hands up like that because she had a bit too much to eat. Heheh. Her name is Nancy.

Tom N said...

I think he meas the young lady in purple in the picture above standing next to Epril.

Jungle Jil said...

Tom: Probably, but I'm more amused with thinking it is the other lady in the other purple shirt... not Warren's wife, Jen.

Anonymous said...

lol yeah you are funny jil. if you don't tell me who it is, you can kiss your $50 P4 workstation and dill pickles goodbye! :)

i wonder if i could send you a "wedding present". i have access to some amazing P4 off lease dells here. it'd be worth the shipping. what do they call those boxes - "batikbayan" or something? do they go through customs?

Jungle Jil said...

Like I said in my comment to Tom, Anon... It's Warren's wife, Jen.

I'd love to get a new computer or two for the house. I can't use one for work, but they would be welcome as a couple of workstations in the house. (One for Susan downstairs in the living room, one for me upstairs in my office.)

Anonymous said...

ah yeah i need to read better. yeah you gusy need to figure out how to import cheap used american comp equipment, not generators. we have the stuff coming out of our ears. i wonder if we could do some batikbayan express or something and bypass customs. michael said they are superstitions and won't open wedding presents.

Jungle Jil said...

Anon: Write to me at I'd like to examine this possibility of importing cheap computers... and see what the possibilities are.