Saturday, May 1, 2010

Best Car Chase Ever

I was thinking about this today: The short film "C'Était Un Rendez Vous" by Claude Lelouch. It really is the best car chase film ever. Why? Because it is 100% real. No scripts, no professional drivers, no closed off streets. Just a guy with a camera strapped to his bumper, driving as fast as he could through Paris at 5:30 a.m.

Viewing such a car chase (well... "chase" as the genre... there was only one car) really is just an entirely different experience when you watch something and realize, "This isn't Hollywood... or ESPN racing coverage. Those red lights he's driving through actually mean that other cars could be crossing in front of him at any second. Those people on the side of the road really don't know he's coming and really could accidentally walk out in front of him. Those corners he's going around really could have an oncoming car on the other side... and I wonder how many pigeons he really killed?"

It's the original reality TV... 1976.

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