Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Daily Report: Denoument For De New Computer

I spent the morning blogging and doing internet-related stuff. Epril and the family went swimming.

In the early afternoon, my new computer arrived from work. Ten days, and I'm thrilled (just like I said I would be). Of course, all my files are gone. Fortunately I made regular backups. But my internet browser favorites list is gone, my notes and my logs are going to have to be snatched off the old computer somehow.

Most annoying is the disappearance of the old "text expander" software that I used to use, and its replacement by a new brand. That's an important bit of my work and is going to take a bit of practice to get used to. I didn't do any work today: Instead, I spent about 20 minutes getting my computer set up the way I like it, and then working on importing my old text expander file (all 12,500 entries) into the new software.

But the best part, by a long shot, is the fact that the computer is NEW. The speed improvement, no matter what I am doing, is always and immediately noticeable. In the weeks before the last computer died, I would estimate that at least 25% of my day (no joke) was spent waiting for my computer to finish "computing". Sometimes it was as long as 2 or 3 minutes waiting for one job to send and the next one to open, other times — most other times — it was the pausing for 5 to 10 seconds once per minute while the computer caught up. And, of course, there was the twice-per-day reboot that took 20 minutes.

Anyway, I spent the evening bored because there was nothing on television. I forced myself to watch the movie "Speed Racer" which was stupid and enjoyable at the same time. Ednel and I made spaghetti carbonara for dinner tonight. Damn, but heavy cream is expensive... almost $6 per liter. Is that the Philippines, or is it that the going rate these days?

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