Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Daily Report: Anhedonia

I think the one thing I dislike most about myself is my complacency. A few days ago, all I could think of was getting back to work. Today, I sat back down to work and within minutes I was tired of it again. What is that? It's not laziness, I don't think. I want to do stuff... just not this. I appreciate my job, but really just don't want to do it... until I can't do it.

Does your wife make shell art
pledging her love to you when
she goes to the beach? No?
I'm just lucky then.
Epril and the family spent the day at the beach while I stayed home and worked.

I finally have a photo of all 6 of the GontiƱas girls together. We have, clockwise from the upper left, Crystal (Inday), Epril, Susan, Jennifer (Dimple), Doreen, and Ednel.

I told Epril at the beginning of this year that we aren't going to use credit any more to pay for things. All of her friends who sell dresses and jewelry and makeup and purses would just have to wait until Epril had the actual money to pay for something before selling it to her.

So now, Epril has everything on layaway. I don't know if that is an improvement since the obligation to make the purchase exists before the money is there. Well, as I was joking with Epril: No matter what, she is going to find a way to get new dresses and makeup... and as her dresses are always inexpensive, I just let it go.

Ron Schrueder's mother, Titia, and her friend Adi are visiting from The Netherlands and stopped by to visit with Susan. (I'm not entirely sure of the spelling of those names... Ron is a reader and hopefully will correct me if I'm wrong.) As Titia might at some point soon be Susan's Aunt-In-Law, it obviously was a good idea to stop by to get to know Susan. The three of them had a nice afternoon chatting.

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Anonymous said...

I STILL have people walking down the street selling "things".

I gave up asking WHAT they were selling, the answer was always the same; "Installment Sale."

Mike Farrell
Cagayan de Oro