Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Daily Report: Summary Of Longueur

Very little has been happening this week.

On Sunday, Epril and I went in to a birthday party in CDO. Then afterwards we went shopping at Limketkai, where we bought lightbulbs and a new blender. (The old blender finally stripped the gear thing on the bottom entirely. $25 for a new one.) We also had a nice dinner out at the Japanese restaurant.

On Monday, Epril did her usual feeding of hungry kids with the Expatriates Ladies Charity. Mike Bird stopped by for a visit at the house as well.

On Tuesday, I spent the day feeling ill: one of my sisters-in-law (I won't say which one) tried to poison me with her ginger pork dish. Also, the Rent-A-Baby was in the house for the day, and he brightened the place up considerably.

(11-month-old Nathan and 13-month-old Tyson are good friends.)

On the other hand, my other sister in law, Ednel, has been cooking wonderful things for me lately. I've decided to put her HRM training to use by making her the house's head chef. (There is finally a culinary school opening up in CDO, or at least that is what we're told. Therefore, we might transfer Ednel out of the HRM program at the local community college and into the culinary school where she belongs. We originally wanted to send her to Manila to study culinary arts there, but that wasn't in the cards.) She has cooked a very nice chicken in a light diablo sauce (accidentally: I don't think Ednel knows what a diablo sauce is), a very good pork teriaki, and a breaded fried chicken.

On Wednesday, Epril and Ednel went shopping in Limketkai again for things to feed me. They also bought a DVD called the Legend Of The Seeker, a television program based on a series of fantasy books I had purchased (but not yet had time to read) that Ednel has gotten her hands on and been working through. (She reads voraciously by any standard, tearing through a 1000-page novel in under a week.)

This week, work has been going better. It unfortunately has to do with the realization that I'm going to be plugging away at this job for a while longer yet, so I might as well do just that. I guess it's the vocational version of battered wife syndrome: Escape is impossible; might as well not complain and just try to make the best of it.

Besides, as Baudelaire said, "Tout homme qui n'accepte pas les conditions de la vie, vend son âme." Any man who doesn't accept the conditions of life sells his soul. (Hey Professor Braga, sorry I've let you down: The first time I wanted to break out a quote I learned from the 20 weeks' worth of French poetry we studied together, and it wasn't a line from Le Bateau Ivre.)


Anonymous said...


I have finished the Sword of Truth series. One of my favorite fantasy series (better then the Wheel of Time). Not going to give away an spoilers but I think the first three and last three are the best novels. Some of the books in the middle seem to drag on - serve limited point in advancing the story.

In addition to that Terry Goodkin is an objectivst, and portrays objectivism in all of his books. Some of the books in the middle/end do get a bit "preachy" about the authors believes (i.e. pursuit of ones happiness, respect for individual rights, laissez faire capitalism). He is has subtle as a sledgehammer when he brings these concepts/ideas into the story line. Still I did enjoy these books.

If you are looking for more light reading in the Science Fiction realm - I would suggest you look into Warhammer 40K. A few years ago I was into the Dawn Of War computer game and starting reading the books. The background material about the Warhammer 40K Universe is incredibly rich in detail (100s of books published, a table top game and many computer games all help create an immense Warhammer 40K storyline). I am a fan which is say allot since I never really read Sci-Fi before this.


Jungle Jil said...

I'm watching "Legend of the Seeker" as I write this. It is a surprisingly solid story that seems to translate quite well into an hour-long television series.

Well, I still have to go through and read the whole thing... and at my reading rate, that will take me the better part of 2 years. After that, I'll look into your other recommendations.

Thanks for lettig me know!

Anonymous said...

my friend

I am happy to know you life in Cagayan De Oro. Place you mentions i already know because i visited my girlfriend that live over there.
I agreed life is different from big Cities. I will be happy to live there because people happiness and friendship. Sometime money does not buy happiness. enjoy you time in simple life and maybe one day we meet and chat for long time. From Kangurolandia, Austrial

Tingting Rimart said...

It's good see bloggers from CDO. I miss it there!