Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Daily Report: Enjoy The Silence

My new blender broke after 3 days. Blame Canada: I figured that the white "Made In Canada" text on the red maple leaf would have ensured that my 1,200 pisos didn't get pissed away. Wrong. In case I haven't mentioned it before, everything I buy is crap... whether it is top of the line or bottom of the barrel: shitty products always find their way into my shopping cart.

The endless procession of jeepneys blasting campaign music seems to have stopped. Epril told me that one of the mayoral candidates had a rather bad night at a debate of some kind the other night, and maybe he saw the writing on the wall and gave up. The other guy maybe is conserving his resources now. Who knows really? The only poll I can go on is the number of orange posters I see put up compared to the number of green posters. Based on that alone, I can guess which candidate is going to win.

It's actually an interesting campaign. I was talking to one of the candidates for mayor and I asked him specifically what the differences were between him and his opponent. His response: The incumbant is an engineer by trade, and he focuses on infrastructure and public works. The challenger is in the civil service, and he focuses on social welfare and population improvement. A fair enough comparison I would say: Take your pick Jasaan.

The screw fell loose in the muffler of the generator again. I keep forgetting to crack the damn thing open and fix it... until, once again, the generator is turned on and the muffler is piping hot. Fortunately, I've discovered that if I just take a piece of wood and push it against the muffler, and then put the other end against the nearby wall, it holds the shaking muffler away from clattering against the nearby plate.

Yup, life is a bit boring at the moment. That's okay though: It's boring in a tropical, exotic, friendly place.

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