Sunday, March 7, 2010

Daily Report: Sunnyday

Today (Sunday) we had a get-together with friends at Twin Hearts Pool Resort here in Jasaan. Mike Farrell was there with his kids, Drew and Jackie were there and brought some delicious food along. I also met Luiz from Spain, who is planning on moving out to Jasaan soon. (He bought some land down on the highway, north of town.) He's a fantastically nice and interesting fellow to know... who sounds just like Antonio Banderas when he speaks (a comparison I merely trust he will appreciate).

Epril and Rent-A-Baby have some
fun in the pool.
Fritzy (Mike's wife) was there with her daughter, and Charity (Simon's wife) was there with baby Nathan (a.k.a. Rent-A-Baby, because every time Nathan shows up, Epril steals him... we should probably start paying rent). Dave from Jasaan also showed up to round out the crowd.

Mike Farrell shares a
joke with Drew from
As usual, we had a fantastic day sitting around and chatting and swimming and eating. The water there is so cool... coming straight out of the local aquifer where it probably has not seen sunlight for thousands of years.

There were lots of interesting duscussions. Luiz and I talked about language and history, while Drew, Dave, and Mike talked about visas.

The power actually didn't go out at all today. I guess that on Sunday, the industrial electrical consumption was so low that the electrical system could handle the domestic demand all day long without interruption. My generator has been doing a very good job and, much to my delight, it has not used nearly as much gasoline as was first expected... less than half, if I were to guess.

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Karl said...

Ahh, just a matter of time till Rent-A-Baby becomes Own-A-Baby. Good luck for you