Monday, March 22, 2010

Daily Report: Rain

We had our first day with the flyers posted at Twin Hearts advertising our pizza, and we sold about 12 when all was said and done; but it was a bad day for pool resorts — cloudy, cold, and rainy. Now that we have proof of theory, we are going to replace all the black-and-white photocopied flyers with full color versions. Also, we have spoken to nearby Kahologan Pool Resort and they are willing to host our pizza signs as well. After that, we'll add Crystal Pool, and the new place next door to that... don't know the name. Also, Green Beach and the other beach clubs nearby. They should be a nice source of business.

Today was indeed a rather unpleasant day weather-wise, but was exceptionally pleasant otherwise. First, I went with Epril and Tyson to the barber. I saw Drew from Connecticut while there. He is on his way back to The States tonight after almost 2 months here, leaving his new wife, Jackie, behind. I can't imagine how much that must suck... the guys who do that must really be lonely after a while.

After that was messing around in the park with Tyson. Then a quiet afternoon with my book, and a bit of video gaming.

Tyson and I having a swim.
Epril and I joined up with some of her friends down on the river to the North of Jasaan late this afternoon. I brought Tyson along and taught him to swim. (Well, inasmuch as one teaches a dog to swim... pull on his leash until he gets dragged in over his head and starts swimming.) Actually, it was a perfect place to do so: In most places, the river is only deep enough so that Tyson can't touch bottom on all fours, but can easily stand up and take a break on his two hind legs. It's actually a lovely place for a swim, all in all.

After swimming, we sat around and had some beers, and had a nice dusk. After that, it was a dinner of liempo and rice, and a bit of television.


Mike said...

Humm looks like the beers were working real well for the singing lol. Looked like fun though

Anonymous said...

Maybe next time Tyson can sing... maybe he will be in tune.