Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Daily Report: Three for Tea

Not much happened today. I walked Tyson early on. Then late morning our friends from Thailand, Geoff and Fe Bowers, and their newborn, Samuel at 4 months, stopped by for a visit on their way to doing some property hunting on Camiguin Island.

Samuel is a highly cute baby... very interactive and happy.

Work was terrible today. I was very tired and spent the early part of the afternoon in bed taking a nap. Therefore, I didn't even commence working until 3 in the afternoon.

For the evening, I played a little bit on the Playstation 3, watched some History HD, and then called it quits at about 9:00.

The pizza restaurant sold another 25 pizzas again yesterday, and sold out entirely today... although I'm not sure of the exact number. Cool.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jil, congrats on the pizza endeavor, it sounds like a lot of excitement! Dan wants to know where you get the dough (the flour kind, not the money). The ham and pineapple one looked really good!

Take care,

Jungle Jil said...

Hi Nancy,

We are making our own dough from scratch. Check out YouTube. It is very easy.

We are also making our own sauce from fresh tomatoes and store-bought spices (although we do add some concentrated tomato sauce to the mix to boost the flavor a bit).

You can cook pizzas at home right in your oven if you want. It's not hard at all.