Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Daily Report: Better Or Worse

I forgot to renew my visa. Stupid... but I was distracted. I'm 12 days overdue. Bird was at Immigration today and asked and found that my fine would be 1,200 pisos, which is a relief: I thought it would be 5 times that. I wish I would remember in the interval between expirations/renewals to upgrade my visa to whatever marriage visa is available, instead of the 2-month tourist visa, but one's visa is like one's septic tank or fan belt: When everything is copacetic, you're lucky if you think about it at all.

I had a mild pain in my rib after the motorcycle accident, which was of no concern... until I sneezed 4 times in a row last week. Now it's a constant nagging ache in my side. Ibuprofen helps. I guess it is one of those facts one has to face as one moves away from youth: The process of healing is no longer guaranteed to be a straight line of improvement; setbacks and recrudescence are now the norm.

The pizza restaurant sold 23 pizzas today. Toppings are doing very well, which surprises me: I thought plain cheese pizzas would be most popular, but we haven't sold a single pizza without toppings yet. Also, I was surprised that we sold more pizzas at lunch than at dinner today. I felt a little let down because we sold less pizzas today than on opening day; but before we opened I claimed that I'd be surprised if we sold more than 20 pizzas per day, so the restaurant is actually exceeding expectations. Also, that is just for a Tuesday; we'll see if the weekend spikes the demand. Finally, we are currently only selling by word of mouth and passersby: Word about us has likely not spread far in only 2 days of operation. We're thinking about fliers or something.

The best thing about our pizza stand is the location: We're one block away from the city square here in Jasaan, which plays host at least 1 or 2 nights per week to various events which draw hundreds or even thousands of people. That is one of the reasons I want to make a mobile version of our restaurant: So that we can get right out to the dozen monthly gatherings around Jasaan to sell pizzas. With on-site sales, maybe we could get up to 100 pizzas per day on average. Who knows? Even as I said in the post below that this business is really just a "rice money" operation... it wasn't created to make huge profits... but that isn't to say that it can't or never will.

I watched another 4 episodes of Star Trek (The Original Series) this evening. I'm just about done with the third season. I have enjoyed it a bunch. Shamefully, I haven't watched much of the Cignal HDTV since getting it... but that was specifically because of the temporary desire/obligation to watch Kirk snog nubile alien babes dressed in tinfoil bikinis. Tomorrow, it will be back to learning about Egyptian ruins and World War 2 dogfights.


Brunty said...

Jil still read pretty well daily and great to see all is going really well there in Jasaan.

The pizza thing is great as a busy wife and family should make you a happy man :)

The great thing is the small outlay, that is great.

Good to see pictures again, even though your writing is always colourful, pictures are great as well.

Good health to you and Epril.

How is Randy (the trawler guy) going with the court cse of the saga, any new stuff happening.

Jil Wrinkle said...

Hey there Brunty.

Randy left the country with his wife and went back to Japan. His case is just kind of doing its thing in the courts... probably months now between bits of information.