Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pattaya Is In The News Again

I lived in Pattaya for 5 years, and it was never anything more than a concrete morass of hookers, drunks, thieves, queers, and violent gangs.

Only now that I'm gone does the place become interesting.


Anonymous said...

does that above statement include "friends"

Anonymous said...

I guess your a girl huh..........
There is a lot more to Pattaya and surrounding areas than the gutter press comments you have passed on.

Sure there is the seedy side and probably the biggest mans playground in the world and between the western man and woman who have screwed each others lives up over the years its an opportunity for the red blooded male ( & Woman ) to pursue some long living dreams.
Welcome to the land of smiles

Jungle Jil said...

Anon 1,

Yup. Drunks and scoundrels... each and every one of us. Well, except for Bob who only drinks San Miguel Light. That's just a bit queer. Heheh.

Anon 2,

I've been over pretty much every square inch of Chonburi from Laem Chabang to U Tapao, and reported about Pattaya news, tourism, politics, and restaurants on my old blog for 3 years, and know (knew) probably twice as much about its goings-on and businesses as the next person in line. (Except for Stan, of course.)

And Anon 2, you must be a girl because the rest of us Pattaya expats love our seedy, skanky, seaside shithole for what it is, and don't get our little panties in a bunch like some hormonal housewife when that is pointed out to us.

Thanks for your estrogen-flavored input though. Always good to hear from my readers, regardless of their gender.