Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Daily Report: Beware, Family Photos Ahead

I'm not in a mood to type this morning, but a lot of pictures have accumulated over the last week, none of them taken by me — Epril and her sisters have been running around shutterbugging with the camera. I'll put up some of those photos for a change. Besides, my mother asked me to put up more photos of the family. (After the fact, I realized that almost everyone in these pictures is single and looking... so I figured I might as well play matchmaker while I'm here.)

Epril sitting in the street near her parents' house in Kimaya, a suburb of Jasaan.

Clockwise from darkest to lightest: My niece, Doreen; my little sister-in-law, Dimple; a more distant niece, Ivy; and baby Akieo, baby of one of Epril's cousins.

Two of Epril's best friends, Madeline and Fatima (both single and looking, guys).

My father in law, and his granddaughter, my niece, Doreen.

Epril's younger sister, Inday.

Epril's younger sister, Ednil (single and looking, guys).

Epril, older sister Susan (single and looking, guys), and Susan's daughter, our niece, Doreen.

Ivy graduated from sixth grade this week.

While Ivy's older brother David graduated from high school (single, gay, and looking, guys).

As did Epril's cousin, Lerma (single and looking, guys).

Dimple (in her new dress) got an award for being on the Dean's List in third grade.

Inday got an award for dancing.

I'll stick in some photos I took now:

School children at Dimple's school in traditional Philippines dress.

Dimple really has a lovely little school.

A sixth grade classroom at Kimaya Elementary School.

Dimple and her friends.

A panoramic view of sixth grade graduation.


Issarat said...

This post is long overdue; I am shocked that I am the first comment on it!
Thanks for playing cupid Jil; I have my top 2 favorites picked out already.
(wedding bells?) Do I really hear them? :-)
Have a good weekend and hey, how far are you from Cebu?

Jungle Jil said...

Cagayan de Oro is about a 30-minute, $20 plane ride from Cebu. Flights are twice a week on Cebu Pacific, I believe.

scott_g said...

Madeline and Ednil are my faves along with Inday although I believe she may be too young right now. Something is definitely in the water there. So much beauty.