Sunday, March 8, 2009

Daily Report #1803

A highly uneventful weekend. I stayed at home and worked, watched TV, and enjoyed having a house full of family. Epril made it into Cagayan on Sunday for some shopping. (She brought me back a chili dog from Jollibee... nice.)

This SmartBro cellular system internet really is good. As best I can tell, it hasn't gone done once yet, not even for a second or two. Every time I run the speed test on it, regardless of time of day, it is always right between 360 Kbps and 380 Kbps. It's not fast, but for $20 per month in a country like The Philippines, rock-solid, steady speed internet is otherwise impossible to find.

The main problem is that the signal from the WiFi router that I have does not reach to the first floor of the house from my jungle perch. I'm thinking about moving it out of my office and down to the TV room below. I used to like to keep all the internet equipment near my desk so that if my internet went skewiff, I could look at the little green lights and be enlightened. Now that the internet actually works well, maybe I'll move the router. I have enough network cable to do it.

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