Friday, January 23, 2009

Daily Report: Lunch At Big Rocks Diner

Big Rocks Diner has great hamburgers,
sausages, and fried chicken. That giant
glass of iced tea is only 20 pisos...
about 40 cents.
After priding myself yesterday on low my fat lunches of late, Epril and I went out today to Big Rocks Diner: A meal quite the opposite... but still delicious. Epril had the fried chicken, which she says is some of the best she has ever had, and I had the "English Sausage", which was a nice fat sausage with ham, cheddar cheese, and mushrooms on a bun. We also had some fried potato slices that were excellent. (Total price, 500 pisos.)

In the evening ("just for a change", as Stan would say), it was out to Spooks Friday night expatriate buffet. The usual crowd was there, and I chatted with them while Epril and the girls wandered out to the Friday night market.

After that, Epril and I stopped and purchased some bootleg movies for 45 pisos ($1) each. Then, we hit McDonalds for some take-home dinner. Then we went back and watched "Bangkok Dangerous" with Nicholas Cage. It was funny that as the movie progressed, I realized that it was a remake of a movie I had seen on TV in Thailand... but it dawned on me so slowly as I barely remembered having seen the original movie, and the changes were extensive enough (in the original, the hitman was deaf... not the girl) that I spent the whole movie having these little gasps of deja-vu, but never totally figuring out why.

Oh: Just a warning to those of you buying "DVDs" from the folks at the Divisoria, they are only VCDs... and not particularly high quality at that. No wonder they are only 45 pisos.


Tom N said...

Tell the truth: You married Epril because she looks so pretty sitting behind plates of food for all your pictures!

Likely not true, but it still works for you!

Jungle Jil said...

Well, she definitely does make a meal seem more appetizing. But then she also makes a vista seem more scenic, and a social gathering seem more festive. And yes, that is one of the reasons I married her.

Tom N said...

You're a lucky man!