Sunday, January 25, 2009

Daily Report: Birthdays and Bamboo

Happy Birthday Momma Nila.
It was my mother-in-law's birthday today, so it was out to the jungle for a nice lunch. I also spent some time chatting with Mike Bird. He bought his uncle and father-in-law a small fishing boat, and I was contemplating doing the same for Epril's father, but now it seems that the fishing isn't as good as originally hoped, and I'm going to shelve the idea for the time being and go to the second plan (which has always been the better plan), opening a bar-be-que chicken stand. (More on that at some later date.)

The view from my future office looking
west. The hazy line in the distance
is the ocean.

The rooftop tub, where Epril and
I will be enjoying hot baths once
we get a hot water heater put in.
Epril and I stopped by the house that we will be moving into and I took a pile of photographs to look at. We got the house at a reduced rent from what the landlord was asking, but in return they didn't have to put anything that we want into the house: We'll do that all ourselves. So a refrigerator, hot water heater, air conditioner, and a paint job will be on the agenda.

(I downloaded some "photo stitching" software, and tried it out on a panoramic grouping of photos I took from our new roof, as you can see below, it does okay.)
After dinner, Epril received a text message that one of The Philippines top bands, Bamboo, was putting on a free concert at Limketkai, so on the spur of the moment, we rode back into Cagayan De Oro to see it. The eponymous lead singer of the group, Mr. Bamboo, in a previous band had written one of the songs that Epril and I consider "our song", called 214. We were hoping that he would sing it, and he did... but it was a bit perfunctory and not very good compared to the original.

The concert was put on by Yamaha, and it was basically a 4-hour Yamaha commercial interspersed with bands, culminating with Bamboo. So, we had to wait a while for the music to come on. Right before Bamboo came on, Epril and I walked around the back to the bathrooms, and ran right into Mr. Bamboo who was on his way to the stage with the rest of the band. I personally had never seen the guy before and Epril was too doe-eyed to say anything, so he was there and gone before either of us had a chance to ask him for a quick photo. Oh well. Bamboo seems to make it to Cagayan at least twice per year... we'll get a photo next time.


Issarat said...

Hey Jil.
Your new house's view isn't that bad.
That band is AWESOME; it blows away the music in Thai. I hope you like your new place and I am enjoying the blog.

Jungle Jil said...

Thanks Issarat,

You know (more out of curiosity than anything), I contacted Bamboo's agent to see if they could come play at Epril's and my wedding. They wanted a $5,000 appearance fee, plus about another $3,000 for travel and stage expenses. That's not bad for one of the top bands in the country.