Friday, November 28, 2008

Daily Report: As Scheduled

Standard morning of work. To accentuate my job woes, I've lost a bit of my enthusiasm for work as well. I'm not as motivated, to tell the truth. Well, it's not really surprising when your job starts to suck that you aren't as interested in doing it. From experience though, motivation ebbs and flows for me. Hopefully I'm on the upswing, or soon.

Epril and I had spaghetti for lunch. I finally found an "American flavored" spaghetti sauce: Hunt's. Filipinos like really sweet spaghetti sauce... like Spaghetti-O's. I'm glad I found Hunt's. My next option was to mix the sweet crap with some Mexican salsa to calm it down a bit. Don't know if it would have worked; now I don't have to find out.

We got to Spooks Friday night expatriate get-together a little earlier tonight in order to avoid the rain. It's really kind of weird, but rain here seems to be on a weekly schedule: Every Friday evening (but no other evening) at 6:00 it rains a bunch. Same with Sunday afternoons at 2:00.

The traffic on Friday nights in downtown Cagayan De Oro is really the worst in the world: 5 or 6 square miles of standstill gridlock so thick even bicycles and motorcycles can't move. First, they close off half the streets. Then they disallow all left turns. Then, the city sends these guys in green shirts out to stand in the middle of every downtown intersection to ensure that all remaining opportunities to move in any direction are rendered impossible.

After Spooks, Epril and I finally went to see Quantum of Solace... the new James Bond movie. Third time's the charm. It wasn't bad, but unfortunately the movie had to end with that stupid Hollywood cliché of the good guy duking it out with the bad guy in a building constructed entirely out of boom and toppling catwalks. This time instead of an abandoned factory, it was actually a hotel with a bomb in every room. And catwalks.

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