Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Cagayan Cocktail, By Jungle Jil

Best part: It's actually cheaper per gallon than gasoline.
Worst part: Most ingredients only available in Philippines.

1. Four parts strawberry-flavored Lambanog (a coconut whiskey).
2. Two parts of triple sec (buy the cheap Orchid brand).
3. One part of sweet lime concentrate (the Island Mixers brand).
4. Two parts Cali pinapple soda.
5. Two parts orange juice.

Serve on the rocks. Tastes like bubble gum.


Anonymous said...

Dude Ive been following your blog for 2 years. Great writing but man do you like the sissiest drinks!

Jungle Jil said...

Yeah. I can't deny that. But really all of the non-gay drinks have been done already. I don't mix the browns (i.e., whiskey and scotch), gin is pretty much no-man's land, and tequila has been done to death.

But yes, I agree: Absolutely girlie drinks. But, in my defense, (a) the Cagayan Cocktail went through a couple of "edgier" versions that went in the sink before I settled on bubble gum in a cup, (b) I live with 3 girls, and the bubble gum drinks go well with them, and (c) seriously: What else are you gonna make with strawberry-flavored coconut whiskey? It was only $1 per bottle, and I had to try something with it.