Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jungle Jil Music Video: Evanescence

I'll be the first to admit that my days of knowing everything about popular music ended at about the same time that I packed my bags and drove out of the broadcast range of my old college radio station in 1994. With so much bad music to wade through these days to find the good stuff, I've essentially stopped trying... it's only luck that I find these bands at all.

So, please welcome me to the party (please don't tease me, as I seem to be the only person on the planet to have yet discovered this band) Evanescence (band site, wikipedia site).

I actually found out about this band as I was listening to one of my favorite bands, Lacuna Coil from Italy... a band which managed to rekindle my interest in heavy metal music. One of the comments mentioned Lacuna Coil and Evanescence being very similar. I immediately hopped over to see what if they were right.

Evanescence puts a great sounding, charismatic female out front to do vocals like Lacuna Coil. However, Evanescence adds some nice ballad work and piano as a focal instrument in the band (played by the lead singer), and isn't as gothic or moody as Lacuna Coil.

Anyway, their biggest hit so far is below: "Call Me When You're Sober". I would call it pretty indicative of how you'll find most of their music.

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mike said...

welcome to the happy band of Evanescence fans. I have lots of them on my drive and rank amongst my favorites.