Monday, March 24, 2008

Daily Report: Getting Closer To Right

I had a miserable night last night: Epril and I had little Doreen sleeping between us, and there has simply never been a person who moves around at much in his or her sleep as this 4-year-old girl does. Using both hands and both feet, she grabbed, poked, punched, and flailed and kicked her way through the night. It was amazing: Not just once every few minutes, or even once every few seconds, but a constant motion of hands and feet. Obviously I didn't sleep very well.

Epril bought "banana catsup".
It tastes nothing like bananas.
It tastes a bit like tomato
catsup but sweeter and a bit
spicy, but overall is worth
Epril's family went back to Jassan just after breakfast, leaving the house to just myself, Epril and Susan once again. I immediately got to work, and didn't get up from my desk until a full 5 hours had gone by.

For lunch, Susan cooked chicken adobo. Epril and I are going to have to get Susan a cookbook quickly. Well actually: Epril's 16-year-old sister Ednil will be graduating from high school next weekend, and I'm going to be sending her to the local culinary school here in Cagayan (about $400 per year) and she'll be staying here during her studies as my own personal chef soon, which will be nice.

The rice paddies of Jassan are ready
for harvesting, it seems.
(Photo courtesy of Epril.)
I sat back down and did another 2 hours of work in the afternoon. If it had been 5 hours of work, which is my target, it would have been the perfect day.

In the evening, we started watching season 2 of Heroes, which Epril found on a pirated DVD for 65 pesos ($1.50) in Mega Ororama. It's not DVD quality, but it is compressed Tivo quality. Given the choice between one or the other, I would have paid the extra money for a proper DVD, but the pirated version is fine.

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