Thursday, December 22, 2011

Daily Report: On Her Way

Epril finally (FINALLY) got her visa. No reason for the 1.5 month delay was given nor apology offered. I had actually called the office of my Congressmen, Mr. Buchanan, and they sent out an inquiry. Based on the timeframes of the visa's approval and delivery to my wife, I suspect that their inquiry was a day too late to have an effect — my terse e-mail demanding either action or explanation sent a week prior was more likely to have done it — but I must say Rep. Buchanan's staff... their instant involvement and knowledge of what to do and who to contact was exemplary, and I can say without hesitation that contacting your Congressman (something I had never done before) is a worthwhile undertaking when you have a problem such as I had.

That said, Epril will be here next Wednesday. Christmas is no longer in the cards, I am afraid. Epril got a whiff of 4 a.m. church services, lechon baboy, and candied spaghetti, and decided to stick around for "her last Christmas in The Philippines". (Actually it was her mother's request.)

Epril and her family really are approaching this as if it were the last time Epril would ever see The Philippines or her family again. Obviously that's not the case, and I'm sure that on some level, they realize it, but at the same time, there is some finality to the way they are all going about Epril's "final days".

(Seriously... she might even be there for Easter, guys.)

Anyway, Epril will be arriving next Wednesday afternoon in Florida. After that, we'll probably eat something really American and really fattening. Then we will probably just spend a quiet few weeks at home.

Oh... and driving lessons.


C T Dunn said...

Neither your congressman or your email had any effect on her visa. At least positive effect. As you should know you don't insult a Filipino. The US Embassy is staffed by many Filipinos.

I started Nancy's Fiancee Visa application in late 2007, she arrived October 7, 2010. We just took it easy and let the wheels turn. Had zero problems because we didn't expect a very rapid result.

She had time to have that last 'times' with her family.

We recently sold one of our houses, I asked if she wanted to visit her family, she said my family is here, I can visit my Philippines family on the phone and internet. So, we just paid off her mortgage in CdO.

Tell Epril to contact Nancy if she wants to hear her native language. I am sure you have found many Filipinos there in Florida though.

Nancy on Facebook is
Nancy Balagulan Dunn

Nancy got her drivers license on the fourth try. For someone that had never driven before, she sure picked it up fast.

Welcome Epril for Nancy and me.

C. T. Dunn
Lubbock, Texas USA

Jil Wrinkle said...


First, Filipinos do not handle visa application approvals. Americans do.

Second, nothing was said that was even remotely insulting. Always very polite. Terse yes. Insisting on a response as to why or conclusion to the delay yes.

Third, it took 3 years to get a fiancee visa? I think that is some kind of record... especially if no problems were encountered. Perhaps 2 of those 3 years were getting Nancy's passport and other paperwork from The Philippines government?

Fourth, thanks for the invitation to contact Nancy. Yes, there are a lot of Filipinos in the Tampa area... enough to pitch an annual "Filipino Pride Weekend" in their own very large cultural center. But if we are ever passing through Texas, we'll make sure to call.

Fifth, I'm still trying to imagine Epril parallel parking. I should buy one of those new cars that automatically parallel parks. Heck, I can't even parallel park worth a damn.