Friday, December 23, 2011

Apologies On Breach Of Blogging Etiquette

I did something on this blog last night that I've never had to do in over 12 years of blogging:

I had to take down a blog post.

True: I have removed personal information from this blog when asked to before, but I have never had somebody tell me to take down an entire post simply because they were concerned what other readers might think of it (and me), and actually listened to them... especially when that post did not specifically mention the person asking me to take the post down... especially when I stood 100% behind the content and opinion expressed in that post.

But, you see, in mentioning the company I work for on this blog, I inadvertently tied the content of this blog to that company. Thus I inadvertently ceded some measure of editorial control of my blog over to my company in the process. So when my company "seriously recommended" I take a post down because of their concern that my opinion would be confused with their own, I really could not say no. It's my mistake and I have to live with it now.

So, to those people who will notice that a post that they had read previously is suddenly missing from the blog lineup, you have my apologies for breaking a cardinal rule of blogging. It was not voluntary, and it will not happen again...

But that is primarily because this blog is ending and a new one will be beginning. The new blog will not have my name on it, or Epril's name on it, or my company's name on it. It will not link to this blog, nor this blog to it. You'll probably find the new blog eventually... but you may not. Sorry, if you don't. But all good things must come to an end.


John F said...

First of all it's no bother to me, a regular reader, that you took a blog post down. I'm a realist, living in the real world, and I understand how things work and how the www links everything together now.

I hate to see your story end. There's no reason you can't have two blogs: one for posts such as you've made these many years and another unconnected one where you can be 100% honest about things that may be very controversial. I suspect that the controversial posts will be few and far between so there's no need that the tail wag the dog and destroy this blog.

good luck to you and I hope you reconsider your decision.

tomm said...

Good luck to you and your wife, Sorry to ya see go, but don't be surprise if someday in the next few years while visiting you in-laws in Jassan you get invited for a cold beer.

Jil Wrinkle said...

Guys, don't worry. First off, the plan was always to start a new blog next year... as I did when I switched from Jil In Pattaya to this blog. The major chapters of my life have been (and shall continue to be, apparently) divided into blogs.

The only change is that because of what happened, I'm moving the timeline forward a bit, and of course because of what happened, I'll be using a different name to separate my personal life from my professional one once again. You know... the names will be changed to protect the innocent and all that. But, it won't be impossible to figure out where I have gone: after all, the faces won't change.

And, of course, this is not the first time I've made the change via a clean slate. After all, if you will notice, I said that this is the first time in 12 years of blogging that I had to delete a post... but you will probably also notice that my archives on this blog only go back as far as August 2005. In other words, I did just as much blogging before starting "Jil In Pattaya" -- that is still out there under a different name from my time in New York City -- as I have since. Many of my readers from my old blog found their way to Jil In Pattaya when I made the move without any concrete connection, and I'm sure many of you will be able to this time around.

So, keep an eye out. I'll turn up and I promise that I won't be that hard to find.

Grounded Nomad said...

Merry Christmas Jil!

Like others, I have been an avid reader of your blog for many years.

For the technically inept such as myself, I hope I will find your new blog.

Really want to hear about Epril's new life in the States.

Have a wonderful holiday and say hi to your mom and dad.

Janet from Southampton

Sam said...

Good to know you will still be found...just don't make it too hard on us not-so-internet-literate to find your new one!

The experiences you go through with Epril in the U.S. may help a lot of guys thinking about bringing their filipina here. Seeing someone going through the process and the ups and downs will be worth a lot more than just reading a post on a forum about what to expect and how it relates to daily living.

Thanks for opening up your life to all of us through your blogs. It's been great so far and I hope it continues to be so.

Jil Wrinkle said...

Sam: Just keep Google-ing the things you know I would write about, and eventually you'll find some other idiot with a blog who reminds you an awful lot of me.

Michel V said...

Very sorry to see you go, Jil. I have read your blog since the days you lived in the mansion in Thailand and you & your blogs have become part of my morning ritual at the officE. My Chinese wife often asks me how the "transcription guy in Thailand" is doing.

Having said that, I understand your reasons for doing so. I hope I can find your new blog someday (I'm pretty good at Google).

Meanwhile, all the best to you, Epril, your family and your business!