Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sarah Palin The Scammer

John Stewart pieces together how Sarah Palin scammed lots of people: SarahPAC, which is in essence, Sarah Palin herself, sent out a mailer to her supporters that said literally, "Send in a donation to show how you support Sarah Palin running for President."

Then John Stewart first ran down the list of things that money donated to SarahPAC was spent on (including $10,000 to her parents for "signing cards") to show that the money was pissed away. Then he showed Sarah Palin's daughter back in June stating that Sarah Palin had already made up her mind about whether or not she would run for President.

In other words: Sarah Palin scammed people straight up; she used the "give me money and maybe I'll do something even though I've already decided not to" scam.

It truly amazes me that there are still people in this country who are obtuse and gullible enough to vote for this scumbag for President of the United States.


tomm said...

SarahPAC is a leadership PAC, an an organization formed to support other candidates. Although a leadership PAC cannot under FEC rules spend fund to directly support the campaign of its sponsor, it may fund travel, administrative expenses, consultants, polling, and other non-campaign expenses. The letter that you say is the heart of the so call scam, WAS not written by Sarah, and says clearly the money would be used to elect conservatives, so where is the scam? if she had formed an election committee and asked for donations and then folded then I would say you had a point.
As for this "It truly amazes me that there are still people in this country who are obtuse and gullible enough to vote for this scumbag for President of the United States." I felt the same way a few years ago. although I didn't use the word scumbag to describe president obama, How's that hopey changy thingy working out?

Jil Wrinkle said...

Yeah, yeah. The Republican Congress is doing everything it can to make sure nothing gets accomplished to help fix the economy and then blames that economy on Obama... and you go right along with the joke. You are simply one of the gullible ones who think that the Republicans are going to save the day.

You support the party that is actively working to make unemployment worse while the moderate President, who trots out old Republican plans that used to be considered "conservative" is labeled a socialist, and you are silly enough to parrot those talking points.

Hopefully, in a few months, I'll be so wealthy that I'll be one of that 1% whom the Republicans actually work for. Then, I hope you don't mind me laughing when the dupes like you have to live with the results of everything the Republicans are hoping to achieve.

Jil Wrinkle said...

p.s. I don't think that the Republicans are going to win this upcoming election at any level. I am thinking that the Democrats have finally found their voice, are starting to make the right arguments, starting to learn how to get their message across, and I think that the Republicans have definitely gone too far during this last Congress, and might even lose the House of Representatives in the process.

Obviously not a chance in hell that any of those "damaged goods" that are campaigning for the Republican Presidential nomination are going to beat Obama. So you'll have 4 more years of him regardless.

tomm said...

President Obama and the Dems HAD almost 2 yrs where the Republicans could not stop anything, and what did they accomplished? A health insurance plan that might be unconstitutional? They didn't even pass a budget which is their duty. You call that progress?
I wish you all the success in the world, as for me, I am where I want to be, if I weren't then I would change.

Jil Wrinkle said...

Once again Tomm, you just hear Republican bullshit artists say something and then you go around repeating it without bothering to find out for yourself whether what you are talking about is true or not.

The 111th Congress is well-known for being one of the most productive legislative sessions in recent history. But, since that fact does not fit into the Republican bullshit machine, their talking heads just go around saying the exact opposite and all of the dupes like yourself just believe them because it makes sense to you... and in the average Republican mind, "making sense" is more important than "being true".

Jil Wrinkle said...

By the way Tomm, I think it is terribly fitting that you say "I am where I want to be." You are where you want to be, given the way the world is now.

But we are in a dangerously shifting world, and Republicans are doing their best to gut any measure of government-funded social stability or security; doing their best to reset the financial regulations and situations and machinations back to precisely the way they were before all the banks collapsed, nearly taking the entire world economy with them; doing their best to make sure corporations can do what they want and unions cannot; doing their best to make sure that the environment is protected only by those who are willing; doing their best to make sure that uninsured sick Americans can neither get insurance nor afford treatment; doing their best to make sure that millionaires pay lower taxes than you do; doing their best to make sure our children's schools have neither the funds nor the responsibility to provide better educations than their competitors in China and India.

You support a political party that really wants to create a world of haves and have-nots... not because they want to but because they see it as necessary. They are setting up an entire political/economic system geared towards the expectation of a massive global financial upheaval (which I agree is coming) in which American wealth and American business is protected to the best of their ability, but the American middle class on down is left to fend completely for themselves with neither government/social support or protection, nor corporate/economic support or protection.

That is what the Republicans are obviously working towards: Save the important people and screw the rest... and hopefully when the dust settles, America winds up with the lowest amount of starvation, anarchy, and ruin.

You can accept this as "being true" or ignore it because it does not "make sense", as you have been conditioned to do. But ask yourself this: If and when this world of haves and have-nots comes about, in this dangerously-shifting world... which side do you think the Republicans are going to shuffle you and your children, your parents and siblings, your friends and community off to? More importantly: will you be where you want to be then? Most importantly: would you like to have a say in it? Democrats will at least listen to what the "99%" have to say.