Saturday, September 10, 2011

No, Really I Can

I promised you video of me playing piano, and here it is.

Sorry about the sound quality. First generation electronic piano, little microphone on my netbook, and fingers that haven't touched a piano in 17 years combine for a suboptimal listening experience.

And no... nobody is calling you on Skype. That is my Skype ringing while I'm playing.

1 comment:

adrianL said...

Wonderful. Loved the piano piece.
You are such a talented all rounder!

Hope everything is going well for you in Florida.

Talking of the States, I met my sisters - who live in England - in Utah a couple of months ago and toured Zion, Bryce and Capital Reef State Parks. The most outstanding scenery I have ever encountered in the US.
In fact Antelope Canyon on the Arizona/Utah border was an incredibly spiritual experience. You should take Epril there sometime once she is settled in the US.

Best, Adrian. Auckland NZ.