Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Daily Report: The Biggest News

It's been a hectic 2 months, to put it mildly. Then I threw in a trip to New York to visit my family on top of it.

About the biggest news, I can't go into much detail at the moment but here is a general overview: I own 25% of a company that is the sales arm of a parent company that has created a product that is going to be purchased and used regularly for maintenance on every oil well on the planet.

Literally: If the sales of this product turn out to be only one percent of what my partners and I are expecting, my share of the commission from that one percent alone would still be 10 times more than the most I've ever earned before. It's that big.

That's it for now: Have to get back to work.


My business partner in the comments section says to go ahead and spread the word.

So: If you own or manage an oil well and want to eliminate your paraffin buildup (and want to avoid it in the future), contact PeGreSol and we'll be happy to introduce you to FloWell, the newest in wax remediation technology: Not only is it the first nontoxic and nonflammable such treatment, but it works remarkably better than any previous wax remediation products.

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mike said...

Jil, you can announce the business and put on the URL. you never know but business could be generated from it.