Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Michael Bolton Does William Shatner

Okay... the title bears a little explanation.

William Shatner was the first famous person to capitalize on the fact that he had become a bit of a joke, by taking the overacted, puffed-up image he had accidentally pigeonholed himself into, and playing along with it ("Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds"), hamming it up ("TJ Hooker"), and ultimately remaking himself as... well, himself with the volume turned up to 11 (Saturday Night Live: "Get A Life"), in order to create a unique definition of "cool" (Priceline commercials), and eventually landing the coolest and greatest roles of his life 30 years after he had gone out of style ("Boston Legal"). William Shatner turned a faltering and dying career into a comedy of brilliant moves that made him the corniest-yet-coolest guy in Hollywood.

Michael Bolton might finally be taking a page from Shatner's book: Realize that you're hopelessly dorky, find a way to turn dorky into kitschy... and eventually kitschy into cool.

Here's an admittedly good start: Ruin a pimpin' video.

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