Sunday, May 29, 2011

Daily Report: Quality

I did some grocery shopping: Fixin's for salad, soups, some extra nice lunch meat (a special ham called capocollo, some mesquite-smoked turkey breast... I love fancy viands), and a couple of different appetizers for cocktail hours. Also some nice bread and cheese, fancy mustard... all so that I can make the world's best ham and cheese sandwiches.

I went and saw the new Pirates Of The Caribbean movie. It was completely wrong for the same reasons that Spiderman 3 was wrong: Not understanding why people liked the previous movies in the series.

The original Pirates Of The Caribbean movies were clever because there was spectacularly clever and flowery language used by spectacularly clever and flowery characters. The spectacularly clever and flowery special effects used to develop the spectacularly clever and twisting story line added to that foundation. This new movie doesn't really rely on the special effects very much. Worse, the story line is incredibly predictable. Unforgivable is that all but 3 of the numerous fantastic characters from the 3 original movies are gone from this movie, and all the cleverness is gone from the dialogue. And, as a final insult, Captain Jack Sparrow has muted all of his attractions: Even his flaky style of running is toned down.

The Bubba Gump project was stalled for a while as we waited for results of the first effort. (Still waiting, actually.) But hopefully soon we'll be moving into full swing with that. That will be keeping me occupied during the day.

Other than that, nothing much going on here.

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