Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Things That Make You Go Hmmm

Story Reported:
A Thai tour guide surrendered himself to the police confessing that he had shot dead one Japanese tourist and wounded another, after a heated argument during the trekking in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand.

On 26th April, 2011 the tour guide, Apichart Inphisak, 41, turned himself in to the police and admitted to the crime that he had committed earlier at 10 a.m. Mr. Inphisak guided two Japanese tourists, Hiromichi Nagano, 59 and Takushi Condo, 43, to Chiang Rai mountainous area, visiting the Lisu people, a Tibeto-Burman ethnic group.

Takushi was constantly complaining and cursing especially about the tour while travelling in the green Suzuki jeep, Mr. Inshisak said. Even when they were trekking in the woods, the complaining continued, he added. When Mr. Inshisak could not tolerate the criticism any longer, he started his verbal retaliation which subsequently instigated an intense argument between the guide and tourists.
Other information neglected to be reported:
A Japanese alleged yakuza gangster was shot dead in northern Thailand by a local tourist guide in suspicious circumstances, Thai police said Wednesday.
They had guns on them and $10,000 in cash. This Takushi guy is also meant to be the leader of the third largest 'gang' in Japan according to the article.
So a prominent Japanese gangster goes into the jungle of the Golden Triangle world capital of illegal drug trafficking with a big pile of cash and a gun. And he's only there to visit the Lisu? A Thai tour guide is taking tourists into the jungle while carrying a gun, and pops his 2 paying customers because they are loudmouths?


My guess: Drug-shopping Japanese gangsters get popped by Burmese drug dealers. Thai guy takes the fall for incentives/threats yet to be discovered.

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Steven said...

When I first read the story I had a similar reaction. I thought maybe the Thai had agreed to lead the Japanese to a source of drugs but then couldn't find any for sale (Northern Thailand is very thickly policed these days. I know, I live there). So the Japanese began complaining and the Thai, well, you lived in Thailand five years -- you know what happens when you push a Thai too far!