Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An Old Hit Relived, Revived, and Re-appreciated

I was sitting in my college radio station in 1993 sifting through these "sample CD's" that music companies sent us. They would slap on all sorts of music to see if anything would catch the deejay's ear, and possibly birth a hit.

On one of those CD's was a song from The Bulgarian Women's Choir, which absolutely fascinated me. I recorded a copy of the song and kept it as part of my "favorite mix" for years. The only problem was this: The "sample" that the music company sent of The Bulgarian Women's Choir was a single... a one off song... in essence, a rarity. It does not appear on any of the "official" albums this choral group ever recorded. I lost the tape God knows when, but the name stuck with me, and every couple of years since then, I would try to find that old lost song.

Finally, somebody put it on YouTube.

This is simply the best singing the Bulgarian Women's Choir has ever done. Everything that makes them special all in one song: The closed throat singing, the clapping and shouting, the haunting chords, and the happiness and joy is all there.

Why this song never was a headlining piece for the Bulgarian Women's Choir (instead of a B-side single) is beyond me. It really is as perfect a piece... as representative a piece as they have ever recorded.

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