Saturday, February 12, 2011

Epril's Day

My wife's day (again), as seen through a web cam.

1. Wake up with a smile, as per usual.

2. Type "Good morning honey ko!" to me on the laptop.

3. Get morning bedside visit from friends and cute babies.

4. Get up and do happy dance.

5. Eat breakfast.

6. Nap.

7. Eat lunch.

8. Watch TV.

9. Eat dinner.

10. Send text messages.

11. Miss husband.

12. Listen to husband sing her a lullaby over the internet.

13. Go to sleep.


Steve said...

Sorry to say, Jil, but she looks mighty bored. You should get her to the US asap.

Jungle Jil said...

Well, Epril gets a bit bored sometimes... but the photos in the middle (breakfast / nap / lunch / TV / dinner / texting) are a little bit of a joke, as the breakfast/lunch/dinner photos are just the same meal photographed 3 times, and the nap/TV/texting photos were all taken about 10 minutes apart. (Shh... don't tell anybody else though.)

Actually, Epril spends many of her days out swimming at the pool resorts with her friends, or cleaning and doing laundry, or out to CDO to visit friends there. She usually spends an hour or so per day just chatting with me as well.

But yes... in order to keep Epril from getting bored, I need to hurry up and get her here to the retirement community with all of the 80-year-old ladies.