Friday, February 4, 2011

Daily Report: Looking Brighter

Mom and Paul returned from their respective vacations. Puppy Gracie was happy to see them back.

The weather was nice enough to go down to the pool. My mother's retirement village has two pools, and the nicer of the two had been closed for repairs but was now open... with a new hot tub and deck. Lots of pale round old folks lying or floating around in the sun. (Skinny brown little Epril in her bikini will not fit in there when she arrives.)

I've been watching the high-definition music channel "Palladia" a bit lately: It's all concert-length and movie-length music-related programs... a part of VH1. Lots of good concerts, plus movies like "The Song Remains The Same" and "TheWall", documentaries like "Iron Maiden Flight 666" and a 2-hour "Behind The Music" type biopic on one of my favorite bands, "Rush".

I also watched Journey's concert in Manila, with Arnel Pineda. That literally brought tears to my eyes, to see an even-better-than-Hollywood version of the movie Rockstar. Can you imagine leaving your small country as an impoverished unknown, and returning to a hero's welcome in the form of a giant concert, the most popular person of the day, leading one of the most popular bands in the world, entertaining hundreds of thousands of happy people? Wow. I'm going to buy the Bluray and send it to Epril (along with Ednel's knives).

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