Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Average Filipina

Somebody took a bunch of photos from girls of countries and then did some kind of "averaging" thing to come up with what an "average" girl from that country is supposed to look like. Here is the "average" Filipina.

Honestly, I think whoever did this was selecting photos from the internet not as randomly as one would like to believe: The girl from South Africa below is white. It might be just "South African girls' photos on the internet"... a visual amalgam of FaceBook profile photos would be my guess.
Original photo here. I don't know who made it or anything, so I can't give credit. If anybody finds the owner, let me know so I can link to him/her.


Steve said...

For the record, there *are* white South-African girls too, Jil.

firstsgtmike said...

From the photos, not ONE was overweight.

Jungle Jil said...

Steve, of course I am aware of that. However, the average skin tone of a South African female would most certainly be closer to black than white. In fact, I just checked and only 9.2% of South Africa is listed as "white"... even less than I expected. So, how one could get a rather "white" face as the average of photos that should ostensibly be 90% black people is beyond me... unless the sample is biased, which is my guess.

Mike, I'm personally inclined to think that the person who made thsee amalgamations was a bit finicky in his choice of girls, but I can't really say.

Serenity Lithae said...

There was probably a certain weight range needed to make a proper amalgam of the photos, you have to have very specific photos for this to work correctly. If there were no limits the features wouldn't match up and it wouldn't even look like people anymore. I remember seeing the original post of this somewhere months ago but I haven't been able to find it again yet. That's how I made it here.

As for South Africa, some areas did used to be restricted by law to only white people for many years, that ban was only recently lifted. Since then the white minority has been lessening over time. But you have to remember that the skin tone in the picture is an amalgam. That mean it layers every photo, so it basically is a mixture of the skintones. I'd say the skintone of the South African picture is a middle range, especially if you compare to somewhere predominantly white like the Welsh one.