Monday, January 31, 2011

Daily Report: Wandering

I was up at 11:30 this morning. That's about my average... I usually go to sleep between 3 and 4. Puppy Gracie immediately rushed outside and did her thing when I opened the back door — she's good about that. (She did poop in the house yesterday because I rushed her time outside yesterday morning, as I was on my way to the races.)

I went and watched the movie "The King's Speech" today... matinee movies have always been my preference for some reason. It's really impossible to go see a movie with British actors in it anymore without seeing somebody who was in the Harry Potter movies, and The King's Speech is the clear winner so far with three familiar faces: You've got Dumbldore taking on the part of the king's father, Bellatrix Lestrange married to the king, and Wormtail takes on the part of Winston Churchill. I probably missed a couple lesser-known Potter characters in cameos as well — not sure.

After the movie, Gracie and I were off to The Dome Flea Market, where we had a wander and ordered a nice knife set: a graduation present for Sister-In-Law Ednel, who I have finally finished putting through Culinary School. The Dome has a fantastic vegetable stand out front that sells the largest onions I had ever seen... all at least the size of grapefruits. There was also a place selling pizza, so I stopped and bought some lunch there. Gracie had a constant stream of admirers stopping to pet her. I've never seen such a people-magnetic dog.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening (1) watching a couple of good documentaries, (2) taking a nap, (3) teaching Gracie to dance around on her hind legs, and (4) working.


Anonymous said...

Cant help notice the Aussie flag in the background Jil.
Thats Alpha 1 on the right and the Commonwealth star on the left.
Perhaps subconsciously you included it because you are considering my suggestion to come here to live. 5555555
I was shocked by the salaries you posted for jobs in the US a while ago, a least housing and cars are cheap over there.

Jungle Jil said...

I can't move to Australia because I can't stand Vegemite. (That's a rule you know.)

But seriously: if Australia would have me, I would consider living there... not soon though. I've got stuff to do here first.

The reason for the Southern Cross behind Ednel is because (1) she works at the Australian-owned Kingston Lodge, (2) they were celebrating "Australian Day" on the day the photos were taken, and (3) the only photos my wife sent me of Ednel in her chef's uniform had her standing in front of that flag.