Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Daily Reports: Birds Of Prey

I went to sleep last night at 3:00 in the morning. Then at 6:00 I was up like a flash. I don't know what other people's jet lag is like, but that is what it is like for me: Three hours of sleep followed by nine hours awake, repeat... pretty much just like what I went through as I was traveling.

I went for a walk with my stepfather, Paul, this morning. We put on our parkas and mufflers and braved the frigid temperatures of Florida. We took Gracie the Papillion Puppy for a walk around the mile-long circle road that runs through the subdivision in which I am currently living.

Paul pointed out (and I have finally taken an interest in) the various trees and bushes one finds when one ventures out of the factitious surroundings of modern indoor life.

There were half a dozen broad-winged hawks and vultures soaring over us as we walked. We were a bit worried for Gracie: She is the consistency, size, color, and weight of a bag of marshmallows (and to a hawk, probably tastes just as good): no running loose across open expanses for her.

My mother has a piano here at the house, so I went online and discovered that you can find lots of classical sheet music online in .pdf format. I printed out some old Beethoven sonatas that I used to play in high school and Chopin preludes, and spent the afternoon reacquainting myself with the concept of reading music. Amazingly, after almost a decade of not having sat down at a piano, the ability to read and play came back almost immediately.

I chatted with Epril again. She's worried about Tyson. Since Epril only carries the most minimal fondness for the shoe-and-mascara-eating beast who casts a level 5 annoyance spell against all players... when she gets worried that things aren't well, that means something.

(Epril called me at about midnight my time asking me if it was okay for her to go out swimming with her friends. She likes to keep me updated on what is going on.)

I had another 3-hour nap in the afternoon — or closer to 5 hours, which is probably a good sign that I'm finding a rhythm — and then got to work. Work actually was good tonight. The silence and the hour of work is definitely beneficial: I don't have any distractions, and I certainly don't have anything to look forward to when I finish work at 3 in the morning... so it's a lot easier to get lots done.

Note to self: Michelob Honey Lager. $7.50 for a six pack and it tastes a bit like Red Horse.

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Bjørn T said...

Hello jil. Bjoern here...Marifels fiance..I read in ur blog that u do the piano..very interesting, Mabe we can form a band sometime..that is if we bouth get to philippines. If u play chopin i bet ur better than the old bitch im working with now..Oh and you really made me laugh when i read about the shoe and mascara beast Tyson..hope Epril mannage in there. I feel a bit sorry for u 2. I hope u will mannage to get back there.