Thursday, November 25, 2010

Daily Report: Weekly Report... Whatever

I got my driver's license on Monday. Drove 3 minutes to the DMV, and within 30 minutes, I had a brand new Florida driver's license. Unfortunately, unlike Asia, I cannot just hop on a motorcycle and go now. Nope: A special license after a special course for motorcycle driving. I'm thinking about buying a scooter... but a large one like a Yamaha Majesty. Compared to costs in Asia, big scooters aren't that expensive. Plus the insurance is less than a car, plus the gas mileage is much better. And in Florida, you can drive 2-wheeled year round. Granted, I have my mother's brand new Toyota Corolla in the garage at my disposal... but I'd rather have my own ride. Oh: I also like the Nissan Juke for $19,000 (760,000 pisos) if I were to go the 4-wheel route.

On Tuesday, Mom and Paul left for Gainseville (where Paul's son's family lives) for Thanksgiving, leaving me alone. I didn't do much all day except work. (That's still going well.)

On Wednesday, my new team leader moved me off of "training", so I can go back to working nights now whenever I want. Uncle Bob came over for a drink and we chatted for an hour. (He brought this huge jug of pretzels with him.) Then I cooked a ham steak for dinner and chatted with Epril online. She got all the paperwork for the initial I-130 form mailed out to me today. My expectation is still for her to be arriving around the end of March or beginning of April.

Yes... all in all a bit tedious and boring. Hell, I would dare accuse things of being typical (a word and condition which I have striven to avoid for my entire life). Well... it's still sunny and 80 degrees. The St. Augustine grass is green, the grapefruit tree next to the veranda is sagging with fresh fruit, and a sandhill crane is majestically high-stepping through the back yard. A gentle breeze is waving the curtains as I type, and other than Uncle Bob's air conditioning unit humming next door and the rustle of palm fronds in the breeze, everything is beautifully silent. Maybe things aren't as typical as I feared.


Tom N said...

Why did you have to do training?

Anonymous said...

A stand alone I-130 application takes 3-5 months to go from the chicago lockbox to an office where the initial review is started(there is a way to find out how long it will take to get a spouse here!).B4 that happens straighten outany unpaid ,warrants,tax issues,drivers licensing issues.limit the # of organizations the spouse entering the USA is connected to(zero is best!)as all will be scrutinized.If you can get your spouse to the states by 03/11,very impressive.if you get it done that fast w/out knowing someone who can pull strings,start playing the lottery as your luck is in all the way to the ACE of Diamonds.

Jungle Jil said...

Tom... new account at work, lots of new details to get accoustomized to.

Anon 727: Hope it is faster. We'll see.