Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sexy Green Jaguar Powered By Jet Turbines

I've always said that if people are going to start buying electric hybrid vehicles at any reasonably effective levels, the industry had to (A) have more options/models, (B) demonstrate nicer examples / better "wow" factor, and (C) provide far superior ease of use/convenience/economy than conventional vehicles.

Well, here is B... brought to you by thinking that is way outside the box. This ain't your father's Prius. This is the new Jaguar hybrid supercar. It pretty much matches a Lamborghini or Ferrari in every distinction (price... $300K, top speed... 205 mph, handling, fit and finish, et cetera) but can go 68 miles purely on its 4 electric engines, or 560 miles on just 16 gallons of gas (that's 35 mpg... not earth-shattering by common vehicle standards, but is a platform that nearly triples the fuel efficiency of it's nearest 200-mph competitor).

And the engines? Two tiny jet turbine engines. That's just sick. The two engines generate 140,000 watts (or about 100 times more than my home generator in total) that recharge the batteries (which give the car some great acceleration), or help push the car to incredible speeds when needed.

See, jet engines are more fuel efficient than internal combustion engines (those two little jets could light up a good portion of Upper Jasaan for 6 hours using the same amount of gasoline that my generator uses to light up just my one house for the same time), and are also much lighter (because jets have a fraction as many parts as a regular internal combustion engine), and are more durable (because jets don't need radiators or oil lubrication). But jets don't have much in the way of torque — in other words, acceleration — however spinning generators at 80,000 rpm, you can bet those jets will charge the hell out of a battery (which provides fantastic torque). Another nice thing: A jet turbine will run on a wide range of flammable liquids or gasses... not just gasoline.

Like I said, this is the kind of green technology the world needs to see.

p.s. Just as a thought, Jaguar really should have found a way to double the fuel capacity of the car to 30 gallons or so. I imagine that being the first supercar with a 1,000-mile range would be a hell of a marketing gimmick (not that it needs it, natch).

Hat tip to Stan.


Anonymous said...

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Jungle Jil said...

Well, regarding the Rooftop's hamburgers, I did have to take off the cucumbers and ask to skip the candy pink sauce. But I'm a sucker for a big ol' greasy flamed hunk of ground beef on a toasted bun. (And, in all fairness to readers: I forgot to mention that I did slap some of the dill pickles that I bought there at the time on the burger, which did add quite a bit of pizazz.)

Anonymous said...

hey Jil, congratulation man!
I read your blog for some time now and visit Stanley from time to time to see his picture. I envie you too for your good time. who knows, maby one day I'll make the move too.
Cheers from California

Anonymous said...

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Jungle Jil said...

The Polish fellow died. The Japanese guy is in jail and not going anywhere. A sad thing all around.

I'm pretty sure that whatever attacks against foreigners occur, they get reported on the web groups. The foreigners don't read the local press anyway.