Monday, October 25, 2010

Jil's Party Over Party

Everyone is invited to attend my "Party Over" party at Twin Hearts Pool Resort here in Jasaan at 11:00 a.m. this coming Friday.

See you there. Bring food if you want, and beer will be sold at the concession stand.


Anonymous said...

You need to go into survival mode.

Get rid of that big mutley first, it must eat more than the rest of the household put together.

Have Epril find a room in CGO, no need that big house now,she can still eat at spooks and kingston lodge.

This will help you in these early days while you re-adjust.

Mike Farrell,

Anonymous said...

What kinda party is this?
Pay for own food and beer....

Come on man, even the most inpoverished pinoy will put on a spread for the guests.

Mike Farrell,

Anonymous said...

Sure sounds like the party is over,Sucks.
ever say to urself,"am I dreamin?"I live in the philippines?
I've been Island hoppin in S E A for 3 1/2 yrs.and there are worse things in life,for sure!
One being a retirement village in Naples/Ft.myers.UGH!!!
I don't have the same $$$ flow agenda as you,luckily,but,also know that this could end in an instant as w/anything in I enjoy it 2 the MAX.Keep a low-profile,mind my own biz,RELAX.
Have a safe trip back to the states.The phils. isnt goin anywhere,no worries!
It is 2 bad others,and now you,have had to stop blogging due to one moronic'crusading'shithead.You were the only one left.Tnx for not stoppin for that reason.
I have wanted 2 start a blog too but am way to private a person.
maybe this circumstance is your wake-up.

Anonymous said...

just a thought. Why not see if you can get Mr Hunts remains exhumed from that grave in CDO, and take them on the flight with you back to USA. He will be at peace then.

Mike Farrell,

Jungle Jil said...


1. Tyson stays. First off, he is a great guard dog. Second, surprisingly he does not eat that much. I give him an 11-piso can of corned beef or ham mixed in with a scoop of rice twice a day. Plus table scraps.

2. No sense in changing houses. My pay isn't going down. If antyhing, it will be going up... as in Florida I will be much more focused on work, and spending much less money on myself than I do here. Also, here in Jasaan is where Epril's main batch of friends are. And eating at Spooks or Kingston Lodge, as good as they are, certainly isn't a way to save money!

3. Yes... sorry about the party. Fact is, this whole "trip to America" thing came out of the blue and the costs associated with it militate against a big party. But I would like to see everybody before I leave, so hence the party. However, I will make sure I buy you a beer if you come.

4. Uh, no. Sorry. No bodies coming on the flight with me. First off, I doubt that you can accomplish something like that in a short period of time. Second, I really have too much on my mind to add that to my list.

Charles Hoag said...

Hi Jil, I just discovered your blog the other day and have been too busy to have interactions until now... but you're leaving??!! Whats up with that? Yeah, I know, not your choice. I've been here in Libona, Bukidnon for almost 2 1/2 years and loving it, so I know you can't be happy about leaving your beloved and a good life here. Best of luck though, and hopefully we get to meet up upon your return?