Saturday, October 23, 2010

Daily Report: Without Warning, The Party Is Over

My company told me yesterday that if I wanted to keep my job, I had 2 weeks to get back to the United States. Since if I lose my job, I'll have to go back to the United States anyway, I figured I might as well go back with a job rather than without.

I'll be leaving November 2nd, flying to Florida to stay there for the winter. Epril will be staying behind, which is the part that's killing me. We've never spent any time apart in 3 years, and I have no idea how to deal with that. Hell, I haven't even left yet and I'm already messed up... as is Epril.

Obviously, I'll be focusing all of my non-work-related efforts back in America on finding a way to come back to live in The Philippines. Big thanks go out to my mother and stepfather for providing me everything I need to survive back in the U.S.: Primarily lots of emotional support... along with everything else.

If anybody out there has any clever ideas, escape plans, or golden parachutes to offer, by all means let me know.


John F said...

As a regular reader (since Thailand) this news came as a shock. Why would they do this as having people available to work a different hours during the day is only good for them? Sure they may want to actually see you in person once a year but as long as you're productive what else matters?

kris said...

Hi Jil. Damn, that's not good. I hope everything works out soon and that you can return to the Philippines soon. I wish you a lot of strength the first month or so back in the US. Things will work out just fine in the end, somehow. You'll find a way to make decent money in the Philippines. You have the fighting spirit to make things work eventually.

tasij said...

Sorry to hear it, I was hoping to meet you someday, my advice to you is if you really want to stay, is go native, if they can do it why can't you? start small grow big, you know the internet build on that, internet cafe, tutoring, you can do it, use your contacts, or you caould do what I am doing, building up my nest egg, buying land in Jasaan waiting for my son to grow up then making the jump. Whatever you decide, I hope the best for you and your family.

Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear this bad news for you and Epril.

All the best to you both

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that but maybe its for the best. My advice go back to school in your spare time and educate yourself into another easy life! It will take patience nothing easy in life is fast anymore. The world of transcription wont last much longer I am sad to say. You could actually make a life for yourself in the states and bring wifey over to live and then visit PI on holidays like most of us working stiffs do also. Times are tough the economy isnt anything like you have seen in a long time. Continue to work hard and I am sure you will come out on top as usual. Best of luck my friend! Make sure you guys stay in touch with skype etc... I have had many long distance relationships and they can last as long as they are real.

from Jakal

Anonymous said...

Hey Jil, I am so sorry to hear your news. I'm really glad you can stay with Mom and Paul for the time being- that is so great. I hope you find something immediately and are back to Epril in no time at all. Hang in there,


Anonymous said...

Bad news for the wife.Sorry to hear it.
I have been through Jasaan and I dont know how you can stand living in that hell-hole.It really is a dump.(Ermitas lumber!,Yes I have been there!)
Get the wife a visa asap.That is all you need to do.
If you are married,it will take 18 months,tops!
If you are not married,6-9 months is all!
Cyber-space will miss you and your postings,even if you are begining to sound like the idiot you will not mention.
No one is perfect and anyone who can live in the philippines w/all the predjudices towards foreigners,ex-pats etc...deserves to at least live peacefully w/the one he loves.
Sorry to hear it.
Chin up mate!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear the news. I will miss your blogs on what has been happening in your lives in the Phillipines. Im sure it will work out for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Do you think that your companies decision has anything to do with your posting a few weeks ago about how you have been forgotten by everyone at work and that is how you always wanted it? Putting your biz and personal life on-line has never been a good idea,YOU GOT GUTS.They might not ever tell you that is the reason,but,people are jealous.I can hear your co-workers now"thinks he has it made,huh?.why should he be able to live like that when we cant?".
Just a thought...

Anonymous said...


Count on me to cover your back.

"Whatever it takes".

Mike Farrell
Cagayan de Oro

Jungle Jil said...

I'll still be blogging... although it will be more for my friends who just want to keep up with my life instead of fantastic pictures and stories of The Philippines.

Of course, if you are interested in the goings-on of a sedate and tired retirement village on the West Coast of Florida... I'm sure that I can engage in some similar anthropological and cultural observing and commentary of that place as well.

I'll still put up the political commentary and the other observances I have and interests I come across.

Also, I'll still write about what Epril is doing and put up the photos that she takes as she goes about her life as well. I won't be there, but I'll share what is going on.

Additionally, I may even write from time to time about what I'm going through in what will be a long-distance relationship. I'm sure I'll be comparatively unhappy, and this blog may turn into a massive whine-fest. (I really don't know... I hope not.)

If you get tired of it, of course just stop reading. If I get tired of it, of course I'll just stop writing. That's the welter of bloging. You just have to take what is offered at face value.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your best wishes everyone.

Jungle Jil said...

No, I do not think that my blog had anything to do with my work situation.

I keep my personal and professional life separated, both in ways that are obvious and ways that you would not be aware of.

Jungle Jil said...

Thanks Mike Farrell,

It wan't an instant thing... but I've come to consider you a wise person and a good friend.

Tom N said...

Oh my. Any idea how they made that decision?

Mike said...

Sorry to hear that bad news Jil... I was looking forward to seeing you there in a few weeks... But I"m a firm believer that major things that happen in your life has a purpose. They may not make any sence right now, but at some point it will...Right now its going to be hard,but going back and protecting your job is the right decision... Take care and good luck...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jil everything happens for a reason. Take this in a very positive way. I hope everything will work out for you and Epril.

Mom said...

I do hope that when and if you write about "the anthropological and cultural observations" you make, your commentaries will be pleasant and of a kind nature. . . of the West Coast of Florida since you will be describing family.

Jan Cook said...

Hey Jill, Lifes a jurney, take it as it comes. Your love for Epril will bind you two, where every life takes you! This is what you need to do, so go for it, You might even make enough money so when you do go back, you might not have to worrie about a job... What part of Florida will you be staying? I live in Bradenton, Like to meet you for lunch sometime......JC

Anonymous said...

hey Jil, did you think about teaching English in Vietnam or any other coutry in Asia? you have a big asset: English, just use it man. go teaching. international schools pay very well. it was time to change the job man, too much work. you said you have a BA: that's gold in Asia and I am sure you can get a teaching job in US or Europe, you are good man and that's an easy way to a good life. act quick and file for immigration papers for Epril when you get back to US. best luck to you good man!
Pete, Los Angeles

Grumfan said...

Hi Jil, _
My heart goes out to you and your family at this sudden turn of events.

Please be aware its likely you're being targeted for termination by your company.

This instant 'move back here' proclamation from your employer is a message and its a quite clear one. They know your situation and they know that two weeks is in no way a reasonable amount of time to do an international relocation of a one person household, much less a family. The intent is clear: they actually don't want you to relocate. They wanted you to quit.

When you return to the USA, you should keep alert for more "issues" they can raise to terminate you. Its possible you are now targeted so you'll have to keep abreast of all the company's rules and requirements as they may now be enforced to a degree they have never been before.

I suggest you immediately consult a US based employment attorney from the state where your employment contract is based. You may find that you will be terminated as soon as you get back to the US. I say this because I have seen similar things happen at High-tech firms before. People who relocated in response to an accepted job offer and yet were let go on their first day of work.

There is no question in my mind that this is a response to your posting a while back about being under a manager who didn't know you were there and you liking it that way. Can't blame you for that, and you were still doing your job, but from the corporate viewpoint that kind of situation and attitude are not something they want especially since it might give other employees "ideas"....

Roger said...

My thoughts go out to you Jil. As you are a resourceful guy, I expect you'll learn from this experience and find a good path.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to read this, been a while since I checked on your blog and was quite shocked......I just completed my second trip to Mindanao (southern) in the last 6 months...certainly give you props for hanging on as long as you could, I know there is no way I could live there without a reasonable income..

Take it easy.