Friday, October 8, 2010

Daily Report: Quick Work Update

The welter and upheavel at my job has ended and I have found myself in a surprising place.

As stated earlier, the account that I had been working on was sent to India. So, the plan was that I was supposed to be moved to another brand new team with other brand new accounts. But no real matches were found (the first offer was for part time work; the second offer fell through because the contractual obligations for the particular account stated no overseas workers). Apparently, what happened next was that the higher-ups either just stopped looking for new accounts for me to go to... or they forgot.

So I just kind of stayed where I was... and here is what happened:

When my old account left for India, the only accounts I had left to work on were (1) a small secondary account for the team that I have been on for years, and (2) a massive tertiary account on another nearby team upon which at least 50 or 60 people work.

So here is what is happening now: The secondary account (now my first account) that I work on for my original team is, for the most part, always empty at night (my daytime in Asia). So, I do almost all of my work on that big backup account on the other team. In other words, I kind of sneak in through the back door of this other team late at night, do my work, and then leave quietly.

And that big account is a joy to work on. Really.

So, basically with me doing barely any work on my current team (the team I've been on for years), my old supervisor has pretty much forgotten that I'm even there since my work for the other team doesn't show up on her reports. Meanwhile, the supervisor on the other team with the backup account where I do all my work doesn't really know I'm there because the account is so big with so many people working on it... and I'm just a random number showing up on a big spreadsheet.

I'm invisible... forgotten.

Just the way I always wanted it.

Knock on wood.


Anonymous said...

Just make sure they don't forget to pay you.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jil
As always,I enjoy reading your "blogs". With respect, my absolute "Well done Buddy" admiration I have for you stays in place, also however, I think sometimes you wear your heart on your shirt.
Please do not forget, every person in our/this world has
a day when reality checks n Karma comes to visit. I also believe this is totally outside your sphere of influence. I think you are doing the best you can do under somewhat difficult circumstances. I applaud what you are doing n the lifestyle incumbent with your decisions to live the way you have chosen. In my humble opinion, you have chosen the tough love way, n I respect n suppport you the sacrifices that are inherent within your decisions. You seem to be living a more adventurous n hopfully more fulfilling n happy life style than most "western men" could only ever claim n dream to be living. However, there-in remains the level of the risk profile you have chosen to adopt.

My best wishes n best Karma to you n Epril.

Thank you.

Jungle Jil said...

I agree with what you are saying. I have always lived a buy-now/pay-later kind of life. I've already had the bill come due once in life after college and I survived it bruised but better.

I constantly wonder if I'm somehow "wasting my life" or "living irresponsibly" because I don't live in America... doing some corporate-ladder job... paying a mortgage... waiting until early retirement to do what I'm doing now.

The conclusion I always come to is: Why wait? What guarantees can life give me that things will work out in such a way that the life I have now would be available in the future?

Of course, as you said: What guarantees do I have life will remain hunky-dory in the future and I'll be here forever, happy and content? None, naturally. But the only conclusion we can make from that is that life has no guarantees... just the certainty that eventually it is going to rock; eventually it is going to suck.

But, I do have two important things that I consider my best insurance against the full blast of karma: First, I have a great family back home that I rely on. If my and Epril's life should come crashing down around us, we always have the safe harbor of family to hide in to avoid the worst of the storm.

Second, I'm fairly smart. Not wise, I'll admit, but I'm a quick learner, adjustable, and can bring a heck of a lot more effort and effect than the average person to bear on a problem should it ever arise.

So, in the end, my opinion is the old carpe diem and a heavy reliance on luck... or divine providence... to see me through to the finish line.