Monday, October 25, 2010

Daily Report: Lemonade Doesn't Taste That Good

I've been working on getting excited about the upcoming move back to America. I've been wanting to visit there (visit) for a while now... missing the place. I can think of a few things that I can get excited about: The food that I mentioned earlier; I'll be seeing some relatives for the first time in almost a decade; uh...


Okay... Going to a bookstore the size of WalMart will be nice.

Oh: I've missed watching the network newscasts for some reason. Commercials too.

Yeah: Seeing traffic intersections where every person obeys the law... that will be a treat. Seeing all the new American car models will be fun.

Not running out of water... I've missed that. A good cup of gourmet coffee... looking forward to that.

Carpet between my toes. No carpets in Asia, you know.

Feeling a temperature below 75 degrees for the first time in years. Maybe I'll even be cold in Florida.

Well, those are my reasons why I'm looking forward to going back to America. Yay. Can you sense my excitement at the prospect?

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