Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crazy Thought

I was just sitting and thinking, and I thought of the perfect job (in a bizarre, not-really, but wouldn't-it-be-cool way): Truck driver. (Back in the U.S. that is.) The pay ranges from okay to pretty damn good. But, more importantly, driving is one of my favorite things, and Epril could come along and we could watch America go by as we went on down the highway.

I'll have to look up the various Commercial Drivers License requirements, and see what a truck driving job really is about, and then once I have all the answers, talk myself out of the whole ridiculous idea. (I went through a similar process about 9 years ago when I had this crazy idea of becoming a medical transcriptionist and moving to Asia. Heheh.)

By the way, it really was about 9 years ago to this day when I was sitting at home, on a 1-month vacation from Merrill Lynch due to my office being cut off from the rest of the island of Manhattan by the World Trade Center ruin, when I saw this commercial and had that crazy idea:

My first thought was: How can I go there? My second thought was: How can I stay there? I started wandering the internet looking for answers and the rest, as they say, is history. This little commercial probably changed my life more than any single other thing to date.


Tom N said...

I have a friend with a Ph.D. that drives a truck. Given the lack of full-time positions in academia, he decided that it was a good option. He likes it. I haven't emailed with him in quite a while, though.

Jungle Jil said...

I was actually thinking it would be a great opportunity to study: I'd have access to the internet, and can probably get a voice-actuated browser, and a voice synthesizer to read back web pages. I could listen to hundreds of articles on history, literature, science, or politics. Obviously recorded books as well. Epril might be watching Pinoy TV and surfing Facebook as the St. Louis Arch goes by... but maybe not.