Saturday, October 30, 2010

Con Artist and Rapist Harris Black Thinks He's Cool

Sociopath Harris Black, the Canadian con man from Pattaya, Thailand, who makes his living by stealing money from unsuspecting people he scams on the internet, and gets his sex from unsuspecting Thai girls he lures back to his apartment to be date-raped, sent Epril a message by his Facebook account, which she thought was highly amusing. (She texted me saying, "That rapist Harris Black wrote to me.")
Subject: Harris Black

Epril, I know many pinays believe in karma. Your husband used to look down his nose at me and write this publicly in his blog when I was building my business and had less money.

He went as far as writing bad things about me when he was on top of the world.

Since hearing about Jil going back to America as a failure, this has been the highlight of my week. My business is soaring and Jil's stuck on the other side of the world.

That is karma at its finest! Should you wish to live in Pattaya, Thailand and be taken care of by a stable and successful Jewish Canadian man who does not drink or smoke, I'll gladly fly you over. From what I can see, you are a good woman who got stuck with a loser who is obese and has alcoholic tendencies.

Getting Canadian residency and a passport is much much easier than USA. There are millions of pinays already there.

My direct email:
Funny... his online singles ads that he used to meet unsuspecting girls and date-rape them in Thailand always used to be premised with the statement "no Filipinos please." My how times have changed.

Thanks Harris for the laugh, the opportunity to update and refresh your stained name on the search engines, and of course the opportunity to link your professional e-mail address with your history of scams and sexual assault (although I assume that the "345" means that it was the 345th time your scam of CareerExperts were uncovered and you had to switch to yet another alias and e-mail address). Maybe your "soaring business" (snort) of scamming people will suffer just a tiny bit as a result of this. Please think of me if and when it does.

If you see Harris walking around Pattaya, let him know I said hello.

I'll just mention how I came to know Harris Black.

Harris Black really is a sex offender and convicted con artist from Canada. He's been the subject of several headlining news broadcasts in both Vancouver and Montreal because of his crimes. (There is an entire YouTube channel dedicated to news broadcasts about him.) There is a website put up to warn people about him and the dangers that he represents to the the potential victims whom he comes into contact with. Even one of the local Pattaya forums has a permanent article at the top of their website warning people about him. He lives in Pattaya, Thailand, and represents the worst of the worst of foreigners who go to live in Asia: A wanted man (with arrest warrant for rape in Canada) who makes his living by being a criminal parasite on both the expatriate population and the local population as well. He has gone online posing as a nun, as a representative of an orphanage, as a job recruiter and resume writer, and as a debt collector in order to scam money from people. (1. 2. 3.)

But what Harris Black is most famous (and despised) for in Thailand is having written several "articles" (here and here) on how to con local girls into date-rape situations... using his own personal experiences and stories.

Harris Black actually first came to my attention when I discovered that he was stealing Daily Reports from my blog and copy-posting them on the Pattaya Secrets Forum, pretending that they were his life. The administors of the forum cancelled his account. Harris threw a tantrum and started posting vulgar and insulting comments on my blog.

Next, Harris wrote me an e-mail saying that he wanted to be friends and to find out more about my work. Considering what he had done (both to me specifically and to the world in general), I was actually quite polite and told him that I would answer any questions he had about my work, but that I didn't want to hang out and be friends with him. Harris threw a tantrum and posted more vulgar and insulting comments on my blog.

After that, Harris tried copying my blog style and writing on the Thai Visa forum under an assumed name. Since no matter what part of the internet Harris goes on, he winds up being vulgar and insulting, every internet forum cancels his accounts as soon as they find out he is registered there. Thai Visa cancelled his account. Harris threw a tantrum and posted more vulgar and insulting comments on my blog.

Finally, Harris (apparently because he didn't like something I wrote about somebody else) went on various internet sites and started calling me a drug dealer and pedophile. The sites eventually took the posts down. Harris threw a tantrum and posted more vulgar and insulting comments on my blog.

So, welcome to the mind of the typical sociopath, where the victims are always at fault, and the sociopath is always the maligned and misunderstood innocent. Welcome to Harris Black's World.

p.s. Harris: Eric doesn't want to be friends with you either.

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Mike said...

Yup, know him well from when I was a moderator on We had a laundry list of fake profiles he'd created. Pretty easy to spot though. I heard he got a police visit asking him to leave Pattaya about 2 years ago. I actually had dinner with him once before I knew who he really was. No idea what's up with him now.