Monday, September 13, 2010

So You Want To Be Famous?

Watch this video of a celebrity at the airport in Los Angeles.

Can you imagine what that must be like? The flashes blinding you, your family, your kids... strangers pushing towards you, your family, your kids... with no escape, no ability to fight back... an entire world of sound, light, and passive aggression all focused on you... at you.

Then go through it again tomorrow... and the day after... and the day after... for as long as you own that face, that name, that fame.

I can understand why the poparazzi do what they do: Snap just the right photo of a low-level celebrity like this and some entertainment rag will pay you an easy $1,000. In those 3 or 4 minutes, 3 or 4 photographers each made a grand. The bigger the name then the bigger the jackpot. LAX is just a steady streem of thousand-dollar opportunities walking by.

But, good lord, the subject of those photos — the celebrity: What an awful assault. There really needs to be a final, comprehensive, and enforced set of laws to ameliorate this kind of experience.


kris said...

Bwaah Jil, pay me 10% of Kate Moss' salary and I'll gladly do it. The thing is, I think, not to run away & hide as she did. Just face the crowd, let them take their pictures (they're also just doing their jobs), be polite & laugh & joke around. And hire two big guys to keep people off your body and make sure the friendly photo op doesn't take more than 5 minutes, and then you are happy and on your way. From what I see on this video, she brought the problem onto herself.

Chetumaire said...

Did her kids bring it onto themselves as well ?

These clowns have to show a bit of compassion from time to time and LAX needs to pull their head out and build a VIP area like most big airports - the celebs would be happy to pay extra.

tomm said...

i just wonder how some of these celebs would feel if they walked through the airport and everyone totally ignored them?

Anonymous said...

I see 6 to 8 uniformed police and security (tax dollar paid) who's time is spent babysitting a lady who happens to be attractive in some people's eyes. I wonder who was guarding or taking care of their posts while they were talking and escorting Kate Moss? Just another colossal waste of manpower and another reason why California is a microcosm of everything that's wrong with the USA.
Oh, and I saw a huge fat lady (morbidly obese) using the son of god's name in vain.
Just my humble interpretation.
VIP area: it already exists.
Tomm- They would become addicted to pills and self destruct without the attention.
As far as the kids go; they didn't seem to mind.
With unemployment at 10%, there sure seems to be a lot of f*cked up priorities.