Thursday, September 9, 2010


My mother-in-law's mother, Epril's grandmother, passed away last night in Leyte. The family is getting ready to catch the ferry to Cebu tonight, so I'll be on my own for a couple of days with the youngsters to hold down the fort.

It's difficult to go anywhere "rural" in The Philippines at a moment's notice. I offered to fly everyone on the next flight today from Cagayan De Oro to Cebu, but apparently the last ferry to Leyte leaves there at 2 p.m., and they wouldn't get there in time to catch it. They'll be catching the 8 p.m. ferry from CDO, and then catching the 6 a.m. ferry at Cebu to Ormoc, Leyte. Then, it's a 5-hour road trip from there to where the funeral will be.

Older Sister Susan is already in Cebu with Jans, so she'll be meeting up with the family there.

My condolences are with my mother-in-law. She's very upset, as is the rest of the family.

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